Soon You’ll Be Able to Use Apple Pay for Your In-Flight Snacks on JetBlue

JetBlue will debut Apple Pay on select transcontinental flights in mid-February

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Other major airlines are likely to follow suit as Apple Pay becomes more and more popular as a form of contactless payment.

JetBlue Airways will soon become the first major U.S. airline to accept Apple Pay for in-flight purchases, including your beloved tomato juice (though you should consider swapping for the more complex Bloody Mary mix), cocktails, and other air-friendly snacks.

According to Crain’s New York, Apple Pay will roll out beginning next week, starting with select transcontinental flights between New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Passengers will be able to use Apple Pay to pay for food and drinks and other perks, like extra leg room.

Customers are also expected to be able to upgrade their seats via Apple Pay.

JetBlue Airways is expected to expand Apple Pay to other flights in March, and aims to cover its full network of flights by June.

As part of the program, Jet Blue will provide more than 3,500 flight attendants with iPad minis that accept both Apple Pay and credit cards.

What's included

Over 250 miles

Your choice of Biscoff cookies or pretzels, plus non-alcoholic drinks.


A meal and beer or wine between Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) and Hawaiian cities.


A meal between New York (JFK) and Los Angeles, and JFK and San Francisco (SFO).

For sale

Inflight menu availability

Availability varies based on departure time and flight length:

  • Snacks – 5 a.m. - 8 p.m. on flights over 700 miles (about 2+ hours)
  • Breakfast – 5 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. on flights over 1,100 miles (about 3+ hours)
  • Light meals – 9:45 a.m. - 8 p.m. on flights over 1,100 miles (about 3+ hours)


Some airlines admit newborns as early as 2 weeks old while others only allow 2 month old babies and above. Traveling with your newborn usually requires a medical release form before airlines accept you onto the flight. Unless completely necessary, pediatricians do not advise parents to travel with a newborn 1 month old and under.

The most important reason being that the mother needs postpartum rest and the baby needs a stable environment right after birth. In-flight conditions such as noise, cabin temperature changes and pressure maybe very uncomfortable to the newborn. Also, the baby's immune system is still fragile and could be affected by the germs carried onto the plane. Air Canada and United Airlines do make cut-offs at 7 days old while Southwest Airlines requires medical releases for infant under 2 weeks old .

It's always a good idea to bring a birth certificate to verify your baby's age. Verify with your airlines for their specific rules.

COVID-19 Update (2020): In light of recent events, the CDC recommends to avoid all non-essential travel with your baby. Please visit the CDC website for more travel tips and COVID-19 updates.


If your checked bag is lost or delayed, it's very important to let one of our agents at the airport know within four hours. For status on a delayed bag call:


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Maximum weight is 50 pounds and maximum size is 62 inches (length + width + height) per check piece of luggage. Overweight items from 51 to 100 pounds and oversized items in excess of 62 inches but not more than 80 inches will be accepted for an overweight and oversize baggage fee of $75 per item. Full details.

Baggage embargo:
A baggage embargo is in effect for Passengers traveling to Havana (HAV). For specific information about the embargo at each destination, visit our airport information page.

Travel Ban:
Lithium batteries that are damaged, defective, or recalled for safety reasons are not allowed in checked baggage, carryon baggage, or cargo.
For additional information on recalls, please visit United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Please make sure that any sharp objects (especially needles, syringes, and other items needed for medication) are properly covered and secured to prevent injury to yourself and our Employees who care for your bags.

Your carryon

Carryon items are limited to one bag plus one smaller, personal-type item. Southwest Airlines limits carryon bag dimensions to 10 x 16 x 24 inches. All Customers and Employees and their items are subject to a thorough physical search. Full details.

A friendly reminder: If your carryon does not fit the dimensions above, we will be forced to check it at the gate. It will be safely stowed below the aircraft for the duration of your flight, and you will pick it up at baggage claim, not the gate, upon arrival to your final destination. Assistive devices and strollers may be claimed at the gate/jet bridge.

Please make sure that any sharp objects (especially needles, syringes, and other items needed for medication) are properly covered and secured to prevent injury to yourself and our Employees who care for your bags.

Please alert a Flight Attendant if you use a needle/syringe while onboard so we may provide you with access to a disposal container

Your personal item

Personal-type items include purses, briefcases, cameras, food containers, or laptops (case included). Your personal item must be stored under the seat in front of you, fitting within 18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 inch dimensions. Full details.

A friendly reminder: If your personal item does not fit under your seat, you will be asked to place it in an overhead bin.

If any portion of your itinerary contains an international flight and you plan to check luggage, you will be required to do so at the Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter upon arrival at the airport. You cannot checkin or check luggage at the curbside if traveling on an international itinerary. Connecting passengers must claim all luggage, regardless of final destination, upon arrival in the U.S. After clearing Customs, connecting passengers will then be required to re-check all checked luggage with a Southwest Airlines Customer Service Agent before proceeding to connecting flight(s).

Also, please note that you cannot check luggage at the curbside with a SkyCap if any portion of your itinerary includes an international flight. You must visit the Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter.

Southwest Airlines allows small vaccinated domestic cats and dogs to travel with you in-cabin under the seat in front of you. All pets must be carried in an appropriate carrier as noted below. The pet carrier counts as either a carryon item or a personal item.

Pet Fare Price:

Get your official Southwest Airlines branded pet carrier for $58 (tax included) at any Southwest Airport Ticket Counter or online (tax not included) at Southwest: The Store (not an affiliate of Southwest Airlines Co.). Pet carriers are nonrefundable.

Acceptable Pet Carriers:

  • The Southwest Airlines Pet Carrier (17&rdquo long x 9.5&rdquo high x 10&rdquo wide).
  • Other pet carriers with maximum dimensions of 18.5&rdquo long x 8.5&rdquo high x 13.5&rdquo wide.
  • Soft-sided and hard-sided carriers specifically designed as pet carriers are acceptable.
  • The carriers must be leak-proof and well ventilated.
  • The pet carrier must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of the Customer and be stowed in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

Pet Carrier Requirements:

  • Southwest Airlines allows only one pet carrier per ticketed Passenger.
  • The carrier may contain two (2) cats or dogs and must be of the same species per carrier.
  • The cat or dog must be completely inside the pet carrier and be able to stand up and move around the carrier with ease.
  • Pets must be secured in the pet carrier at all times while in the gate area, during boarding/deplaning, and they must remain in the carrier for the entire duration of the flight. Failure to follow this requirement may result in denial of transportation of the pet onboard Southwest Airlines.

Note: Pet carriers are considered either a personal item or a carryon item. A Customer may board the aircraft with either a pet carrier and a personal item or a pet carrier and a regular size carryon bag. A Customer may not board the aircraft with a pet carrier, a regular size carryon bag, and a personal item. The pet carrier must conform to all carryon baggage regulations.

Southwest Airlines Cargo provides expedited air cargo services for Customers who need fast, friendly, and reliable service. We are unique to the air cargo industry thanks to our People, who consistently provide exceptional Customer Service, and our flight schedule, which is unmatched allowing for expedited delivery to destinations. Please visit SWACargo for more information.

If you&rsquove left an item onboard the plane, please notify a Southwest Airlines Customer Service Agent before leaving the airport so he or she can try to retrieve your item. If you have left the airport, you will need to file a lost item report. We will make every effort to locate your item and return it to you. You will be contacted via email and/or phone within 30 days if we are able to locate your item.

What I’ve been doing the past month

It’s only about a month ago that I decided I was “done” being loyal to American, and I don’t travel that much domestically.

So for the trips I’ve needed to take, I’ve just flown the airline that is most convenient for my schedule and that represents the best overall value. In instances where American and another airline were tied, I selected that other airline.

For example, I recently needed to fly from Chicago to Miami. American and United had similarly priced fares, and I flew United.

Then this week I needed to fly from Miami to Spokane, and American had by far the best schedule, so I booked them.

I wish I could just quit American “cold turkey,” but…

151 Things to Do in NJ And Why You Should Do Them Right Away

This is one area in central Jersey that you need to explore.

2. Go River Tubing and Explore an Island

Known: Gliding down the river and taking in the most beautiful amazing scenery that you have ever seen. That part is well known.

Unknown: Getting off of your raft and exploring an island and even camping on it overnight! Going on a speedboat ride on the river!

Ask the famous river hot dog man (Gregory) about the unknown and see what he can do for you!

Here is the best place to go Tubing on NJ – Delaware River Tubing

Why should you do this?
Tell Greg that Charlie from FunNewJersey.com sent you and see what he gives you!

3. Meet, Mingle, and Touch Real Alpaca’s

Cuddle an Alpaca!Visit a real Alpaca farm and touch and hold these amazing animals!

Jersey Shore Alpacas
Jersey Shore Alpacas, 521 Route 47 South, Cape May, NJ 0820

Why should you do this?
There is no charge! (Donations are appreciated, however)
You’ve never touched or fed an Alpaca.

4. Tour 5.5 Acres of Chainsaw Carved Sculptures

Instagram. Freehand Custom Carvings is a family-run international sculpture gallery that showcases sculptures from Germany, England, Scotland, Denmark, Australia, and all over America.

Why should you do this?
The sculptures are like taking a world tour from all the different inspirations and creativity of international carvers!

5. Delaware Valley’s Oldest & Largest Flea Market!

Find any and everything on this humongous plot of land!If you’ve ever been to a farmer’s market, you know how fun it is to walk around and find things! In our own experience, on a hot summer day, we got the freshest smoothies made right in front of our eyes made from just simple and sweet fruit!

Attending this auction is like going back in time and you don’t want to miss it. Shop or just walk around to see handmade, unique items, honey-roasted peanuts (YUM), glass items, old antiques, and much more at Columbus Farmers Market Complex!

Why should you do this?
To experience the amazingly unique and fascinating Amish Market as well as have a slice of pizza at Kate and Al’s.

6. Ride Horseback Under the Stars!

Escape NJ, feel like you are in the backcountry with BBQ, campfires, and hayrides!

Take a 90-minute trail ride and afterward have a Western-style BBQ for 90 minutes accompanied by live entertainment!

At the end of the evening, you’ll travel back on an old fashioned hayride!

Have the trusted stables with beautiful and scenic trails, stunning horses, friendly trail guides, and clean facilities transfer you to the wild west like never before under the majestic, moonlit sky.

This just might be the greatest date idea of the perfect thing to do together in all of NJ

Do something new and exciting, experience Echo Lake Stables in Newfoundland, NJ for your next date or family outing!

7. Take a Hammerin’ Blacksmithing Class!

Ever wanted to learn how to make a pocket knife or metal creation?Bill Barrett will give a master class at Historic Speedwell in Morristown, NJ to teach children or adults of age 13 and up how to work on a project with basic blacksmithing techniques! These classes fill up quickly because of how few there are in a season, so check out their calendar to get a chance to make something you’ll be able to take home and be proud of, take a lesson at Speedwell!

8. Bowl at a Retro Bowling Alley Re-Opened!

Did you ever think a bowling alley could double as a concert venue? Asbury Park has outdone itself! You can grab delicious food (with vegan options, too) while bowling a couple rounds. Check their website for operating hours, as the lanes are not open when there are concerts!

Try a game at Asbury Lanes for a retro experience!

9. A Theme Park on a Lake!

Seriously, imagine mini-golf, water slides, ping pong all on a lake!This is a place like six flags but half the bill and you can bring the whole family! Tomahawk Waterpark by Lake Hopatcong, is perfect for young kids up to teenagers. This runs from May-September with hours that vary depending on the early and late season. Visit this fun amusement park in Sparta Township, NJ.

10. Peanut Butter Lovers, Unite!

From peanut butter hot chocolate to cannolis, this shop has it all!

Though you can shop online, the real magic is going to Cape May to get some and watch the process!

Grab a jar of nut butter, choose from over 40 flavors of jam, or get Elvis Presley’s favorite sandwich…you can even get dog treats!

Peanut Butter that you will never forget!

Stop in on a sunny day to pick up a memorable peanut butter creation from Cape May PB Co.

11. Peruse All British Things!

From candy to drinks, to biscuits explore this quaint little gift shop!This man who calls himself The English Gardener owns a gift shop on Kings Highway in Haddonfield New Jersey to share his love for English goods which includes 3,000 items from the Old County and the colonies!

If you are near Haddonfield, don’t miss out on this cute doorway into another country’s culture!

12. Get Ghostly at a Paranormal Museum

Visit everything between imagination and reality!

Learn about famously haunted places, look at supposedly haunted objects, and dolls and learn about history.

The tour will provide full context for every artifact they house and feed your curiosity!

Visit The Paranormal Museum in Asbury Park to look at all the evidence and investigate for yourself! Go quick because although their exhibits do not change, their artifacts are rotated in and out due to a high volume.

13. Get Your Country on at the Only NJ Rodeo!

The best show on dirt running May 26th through September 29th! This thrilling Americana experience offers 7 pro-rodeo events each week! Cowtown performs an authentic show that you don’t even have to go to the south for! Who can say they went to a real cowboy performance right here in New Jersey..not even all state residents can say that!

For the Riding, Racing, and Roping of these amazing farm animals at a family-friendly show, go to Cowtown Rodeo for more details.

14. Wander the Majestic Rutgers Gardens!

Escape from the everyday stresses of life! The hidden garden of the university is one that is still unknown to many state residents. Entrance to this botanical garden is also free, and well worth the trip. Students and staff take great care of this evolving center for research. Check out wonderful selections of Peach, Apple, Asparagus, Holly, Dogwood, and of late, Hazelnut if they are in season, and be sure to stop by the farmers market stocked with fresh goods!

Here is a map so you can walk along 100 years of evolved historic gardens in New Brunswick NJ.

15. Tour a Real Mine

Travel back to the 1830’s! Walkthrough 1300 feet of the tunnel where the fluorescent Rainbow Tunnel exists. You will not only gain interesting historical knowledge but you will be amazed at the different natural colors of this mine.

Tour the world famous fluorescent “Rainbow Tunnel

16. Experience the 3 Hour “CETACEAN SPECTACULAR” Whale & Dolphin Watch Cruise

See dolphins and whales up close! Cape May Whale Watcher offers many diverse cruises to choose from including the Sunset Dolphin Watch, Whale & Dolphin Weekend Watch and the Prime Rib Dinner Cruise.

Why should you do this?
Captain Jeff Stewart will give all FunNewJersey.com visitors a $5 off coupon! Just mention FunNewJersey.com when calling in or when boarding the vessel.

17. Vintage Pinball Museum

A Blast from the Past!Submerge yourself into over 600 Americana pin-ball games. Get out with the family to reminisce and create some friendly competition, before some of your favorite games go to other locations!

Play like you’ve never played before at the Silverball Museum Arcade

18. Hit an Eco-Cruise

Interact with the majestic wildlife of the Hackensack River!Choose from 3 different itineraries on how you want you excursion to go! Learn about natural and human history of this beautiful location that isn’t offered anywhere else.

19. Visit Martinka

Who is Martinka?The Martinka Brothers established the world’s first magic society! Check out rotating artifacts from Houdini and other famous magicians.

20. Have a Picnic In a Lovely Grove at NJ’s First Zoo!

Click on the map above to download and print the zoo’s attractions!

Dating back to 1934: Cohanzick Zoo is a non-profit that respects all living things, through fostering education and wholesome recreation. However, they welcome the donations in which the fuzzy animals will reap the benefits of!

Why should you do this?
It is small and intimate and it’s free! For an amazingly unique idea, you can bring your kids or loved ones for a romantic picnic in their lovely grove and then stroll the zoo and see the beautiful animals.

21. Explore 13.5 Acres at the Reeves-Reed Arboretum

Experience this Secret Garden:The Arboretum offers scenic hikes through their picturesque green forests! There are trails that will range from easy to moderate. Put your boots on, and find your own little spot in the garden to decompress and be one with nature.

Through every season, there are new activities to learn or explore. RRA offers 13.5 acres to get lost in (not literally)!

22. Get in the Ball!

Become a human bumper-car:Visit Eatontown, NJ to play hilarious games. They are continuing to expand the games offered and you DON’T want to miss out!

23. Experience Amish Culture!

Bringing the best of Amish Culture to NJ:This is a Dutch Farmer’s Market from Pennsylvania that has set up an amazing market in Princeton. There’s nothing like fresh, homemade food in any category you can think of! Satisfy your taste buds while also getting the best quality.

Why should you do this?
The donuts, the pickles, the butchered meats, the jams and jellies, the Amish sheds, and the wonderment of the Amish culture. Did we mention the donuts?

24. Sneak into a Speakeasy!

Shhh! Keep it a secret:Because of its convenient setting by a discreet cove on the Navesink, this Tavern was established around 1919!

Grab a beer and make some new friends while appreciating the historical significance of this Speakeasy.

25. Zen Out with Goats!

Have you ever experienced a yoga class with goats?If the answer is no, you are missing out! Tighten your core with baby goats testing your strength in those hard poses. You are sure to get some laughs and goat cuddles by the end of it.

Go get your downward goat on, but first check their event calendar!

Picture Perfect Spots in NJ

26. Take Pictures in 54 Acres of Gardens and Greenhouses.

Click on the picture above for a brochure and map of this Monmouth County Park located in Middletown, New Jersey.

Why should you do this?
The gardens will bring color to your life! There is always something beautiful in bloom for every season which will create breathtaking photos.

27. Take a Selfie with Samson!

Who is Samson?

He is one of the wolf dogs that live at Howling Woods Farm in Jackson, NJ.

After you pre-book a tour, you will be able to interact with the majestic animals and take pictures. Don’t forget to howl with the pack!!

Why should you do this?
There is no charge! (Donations are appreciated, however)
You’ve never touched or fed a wolf-dog!

Paint & Sip at Bright Zebra Studio is a 2-hour instructor-led painting experience where you can enjoy your favorite adult beverage while you create the featured painting.

All sessions are instructor-led to ensure you have a stress free painting experience and an awesome result. You’ll be so happy with your results that you will want to hang your painting up as soon as you get home!

Absolutely no prior experience is required. Your instructor is a professional artist who will take you step by step through the painting process.

Not only will you leave with a painting, you will want to show everyone, but you will learn about the different brushes and palette knives as well as a bit of art history if we are painting a famous artists’ work.

You will be uplifted and inspired. Everything you need to create your masterpiece is included. Reservations are required.

Why should you do this?
Bright Zebra Art Studio is a great place to get together with friends and try something new. You can reserve a private painting class just for your group or join in on one of the open public events. Check out their upcoming event schedule here.

29. Sail Along Picturesque Barnegat Bay

Get your loved ones together and get to sailing!A Day on the Bay is a sailboat charter company located next door to the Captains Inn Tiki bar on the Beautiful Forked River. Sit back and relax as you sail along the bay and take in some of the most breathtaking views on the Jersey Shore. The trip is approximately 2 1/2-3 hours guided by Captain Warren and First Mate Andi. You’ll even have an opportunity to take the wheel–which makes for a great Instagram photo!

Why should you do this?
Say FunNewJersey.com sent you, and you’ll get free cheese and crackers on any weekday sail!

30. Snapshot the River Running Past the Red Mill Museum

The town of Clinton is known for this notorious postcard scene!There is definitely an edge to this picturesque little town. Not only does the Raritan River pass between the town, but the town also offers quaint little shops and restaurants! Try on clothing and pose for the camera! Whatever your idea of fun maybe, you’ll find it here.

Hit up Clinton, NJ for more information, and visit their Instagram too for a view of their month by month galleries!

31. Walk The George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee

This suspension bridge is 4,750 ft. long and is lit up in bright lights at nighttime!Day or night, this fascinating bridge is so intriguing to take pictures of. This bridge connects Fort Lee to NYC. From land, looking up at how high it towers in the sky, you can every detail of its architecture and engineering spot on. Walk the bride and take pictures from above.

Visit Fort Lee, NJ, and find the perfect hideaway to achieve the perfect setting to take your picture at the George Washington Bridge!

32. Photograph a Rainbow of Irises

Keep the flowers blooming!Go visit these 1,500 varieties of colorful irises. Get in touch with nature and go on a path through large beds of flowers.

33. Lilac Season at Willowwood Arboretum

With 15 different gardens and features!Go photograph April through October, when you visit the cherry blossoms and lilacs and more abundant selections among stone cottages and barns. Fun fact: they actually host a lilac party which marks the beginning of the season in May every year as well as host a Mother’s Day celebration.

34. If You Love Colonial Architecture

Glen Ridge, NJ is a historic little town perfect for the camera lens!This small historic town is about 90 percent historic district that is 6 blocks wide and 3 miles long, The colorful and detailed design of the houses that you will witness is something beautifully rare that you will not find anywhere else. Driving or walking through this town is a perfect stop if you are visiting the surrounding area. The town of Montclair is on the outskirts and is perfect to explore afterward.

35. Photograph Sunflower Fields at Early Sunrise

During the bloom season, attend one of these events to get the perfect shot!Get early sunrise photography shots and late-night milky way shots! There are plenty of natural nature-filled pollinators that will help you to put your focus on wildflowers and wild birds!

36. Princeton University Art Museum

Become Part of Art! Look at the art pieces or make your own with the art! In the galleries of Princeton, there’s a lot to be seen. Interact with the art, and make it come to life! Its history goes back to the 1750s! Learn about 100,000 historic art pieces that have come from all over the world on showcase for you at the Princeton Art Museum. Find your favorites, and see them in person before the exhibits are refreshed. Submerge yourself in the wonders of art.

Visit the Princeton Art Museum

37. Visit A Real Wolf Preserve
Lakota Wolf Preserve is a great place to learn about wolves and other furry animals. Take a Wolf Watch tour which guides you on a nature walk to see the wolves up close and personal!

38. Where Nature and Art Collide

Interact with 302 Life-Size Sculptures! This constantly evolving exhibit offers contemporary outdoor art pieces. Read about their history, and take memorable photographs with the art!

39. At 1,803 ft. View Landscapes of 3 Different States!

Bringing you the most peace on earth:This historical monument offers a spectacular panorama of hills, valleys, farmland, and forests. Take a quiet moment to enjoy the diversity of this lush, green, nature spot hidden in New Jersey.

40. Capture these Colorful Open Meadows

1000 acres of landscape to view: Photogenic animals, foliage, flowers, and more will bring out your inner photographer. Duke Farms will interact with you and share your photos if you tag them so that your work will be acknowledged!

41. Climb to the top of Jenny Jump Mountain

Delaware Water Gap Sunset shot taken from Jenny Jump by Jim Pennucci

See panoramic vistas that you never knew existed: Jenny Jump State Forest boasts some very stunning rolling terrain with amazing views of the Highlands and the Kittatinny Mountains.

Why should you do this?
Because if you take the narrow path that leads to the top of Jenny Jump Mountain, you will witness breathtaking panoramic scenic views that you will never, ever forget!

Kid-Friendly Things to Do in NJ

42. Play Construction for a Day!

Become an operator!These machines are designed to be safe for the public, and super fun for the kiddos!

Visit: Diggerland in New Jersey for a day of fun while operating crazy machines.

Why should you do this?
You should visit because this is the ONLY construction-themed park in all of North America!

43. Somerset County’s Interactive Eco-Exhibit!

Environmental Education Center at Lord Stirling Park is located in the western portion of the Great Swamp. The 18,000 square foot building features The Great Swamp Experience, an educational exhibit featuring interactive displays telling the story of the Great Swamp from prehistoric times to the present. There are also 9.5 miles of trails open to the public for hiking, bird watching, walking, running, or cross country skiing. Programs and events take place all year long. Experience the scenic, clean parks of Somerset County. For more activities, scroll through the list of different, diverse parks in this county.

Why should you do this?
There are many activities for children: crawl into a beaver lodge, touch animal fur, or explore the gardens and trails. Children of all ages will enjoy!

44. Challenge Your Balance On the High Ropes!

Sky Trail High Ropes Course

Test your skills!What makes iPlay America so unique other than its HUGE play space? Picture a high ropes course mixed with a gym like SkyZone all indoors! The SkyTrail High Ropes Course includes rope bridges, zig-zag beams, cargo nets, walk-across beams, vertical rope ladders, and more! Kids will appreciate this large feat or for the little ones, there is even a Kidz Rope Course to start! Put on your harness, strap in, and explore!

Why should you do this?
Not only is iPlay America one of the best indoor amusement parks, but it also has the largest indoor ropes course in all of New Jersey! Children of all ages can participate and join in on the fun, with the big kids!

45. Try an English Horseback Riding Class!

Get a group together and take a riding lesson!Whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider, there’s a class for you at Hunter Brook Horse Farm in Howell, NJ. Take a private lesson or get a group together for a group lesson. The farm is 50+ acres, has a brand new indoor arena, outdoor arena, grass jump course, and 1/2 mile track.

Why should you do this?
Horseback riding is an awesome hobby to pick up. If you buy 10 lessons, you’ll get one lesson free!

Climb to the Top of “Mt. Rushmore”!

A unique indoor family fun center!ClimbZone in Howell, NJ is not your average family fun center. With 68 themed walls to climb, there is fun to be had by all ages. The facility also has a ropes course, a soft play area for toddlers, a zipline, virtual reality, and arcade games!

Why should you do this?
There is nothing else like this facility in Central NJ! Take a picture at the top of the “Statue of Liberty”!

Tandem Bike on an Island!

Rent two-person bikes for a day, and explore Long Beach Island Attractions!Okay, we are not sending you on some long bike trek through the woods, this is WAY more fun! Rent with Surf Buggy in Beach Haven where you can travel to easy-to-reach locations nearby like Fantasy Island Amusement Park, or Thundering Surf Waterpark! Kids will love this idea, and families will be able to explore and save a buck because you don’t have to worry about parking! You can truly see everything Beach Haven has to offer from just traveling on two wheels with a backpack!

Race Slot Cars at the Oldest Race Place in America!

The longest operating, family-run slot car racing place in the US!Your son or daughter will have the time of their lives here! The Race Place is where you can show your kids how to race like you did when you were younger. This cute and quaint location running since 1966 gives you rentals and even has snacks so that you can stay for a while. They have a Hurricane Track and a Cyclone Track so that you can try both!

Catch a Rutgers Football Game!

From August through November, show your support for NJ’s Scarlet Knights! Visit a home game and get enthusiastic, sport some red for a fun, action-packed game! The Rutgers Football Schedule lists the home and away games every year! Kids will enjoy all the entertainment and to participate in cheering on our team.

Jump High to the Sky (Zone)!

Bring out your best tricks!There are at least 10 locations in New Jersey. We know that the kids are little balls of energy and will love to tumble and jump it out!

SkyZone NJ will channel your inner Olympic gymnast like Laurie Hernandez (from Old Bridge NJ!).

50. Dress Like Your Fave Video Game Character!

Play Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Q-Bert, and more dressed up like them!Morristown Game Vault hosts Cosplay Night many nights a year that you don’t want to miss–check out their always updated Instagram. Even if the kiddos don’t dress up, they will LOVE to see all the characters as if they’re in a theme park! Play pinball machines along with other classics!

Cannon Ball into a Natural Pool!

Visit a man-made pool built-in 1936 with a diving board!Lounge around in this natural pool with your flamingo floaty! The pool ranges from 4 feet up to 10 feet. You’re surrounded by woodland area in this hidden spot supplied with lifeguards, picnic areas, and more! They are open from May 25th until June 23rd on weekends only, and then daily starting June 24th through September 2nd, then back to weekends September 7th through September 29th.

Highlands Natural Pool is for sure something you’ve never experienced before. Hop in!

Interactive Children’s Art Exhibits

Hand’s on, free activities for the young and curious!Monmouth Museum is perfect for children over the age of 6 can enjoy the four exhibitions with different displays and subjects. They can explore weather broadcasts, ancient Egypt, Space, and of course the Arts Studio!

Monmouth Museum will entertain the kiddos and it also has cool exhibits for adults as well!

Game at a Retro Arcade

Kids now will see how we played back in the day!Whether you’re looking for a classic or more modern experience, customize your time with arcades, pinball, and other consoles even if they are no longer in stores! This arcade is the perfect day of fun for kids with high energy because instead of sitting on a couch all day, they are running and moving around!

Drop into the Golden Age of Gaming at YESTERcades in Somerville, Westfield, and Red Bank!

Mine at the Gem Mining Company!

Kids get a bag of sand with hidden gems inside and sift with special machines to find them!Children have a large sense of curiosity and will appreciate this sense of adventure at Hill Creek Farms. Plus the best part is that they can take their keepsake/treasure home! There are a variety of kid-friendly things to do when the farm is open for the season!

Bring the family for fun at The Farm!

Visit Critters at the Bugseum of NJ

Touch bizarre exotic and worldly bugs and learn about them!Check out the bee-hive, watch ants build their nest, and play bug games to learn about the majestic lives these critters lead. You, of course, can touch some of the coolest insects like a tarantula, scorpion, or cockroach under the direction of staff! Children will be fascinated with the many displays at this museum.

Buzz around at Insectropolis in Toms River NJ!

Aquarium Home to 8,500+ Animals!

Visit Your Marine Friends!Learn and experience some of the most unique sea-life in the United States. Adventure Aquarium on the Camden Waterfront is considered one of the best aquatic educational facilities in the United States! Don’t forget to walk on the bridge over the Shark Realm!! These animals are well taken care of and will not disappoint the kiddos.

Become a Monster at Mini-Golf!

Play mini-golf among goofy bright animated monsters!When visiting New Jersey, this unique gaming place is a must. The kids will be fascinated by the luminescent black lights and monster art. You’ve never played holes like this! Also, try your hand at some arcade games, and then trade tickets in for real prizes!

Monster Mini-Golf will give you a rare golfing experience along with a variety of fun kiddie games!

Get Your Paws Dirty

Paws Discovery Farm- Gatson

Play. Protect. Preserve.That is the motto at Paws Discovery Farm. Kids will be greeted by the welcoming committee on the farm! Children will be happy campers when they get to explore and interact with all their fuzzy friends!

Why should you do this?
Learn about the critters in a workshop! The kids will enjoy learning about and interacting with these sweet furry animals on the farm. Thier staff will take the time to educate them in-depth about animals and farm life!

They’ll Soar High on the Airplane Ride!

Tiki Bar at Jenkinson’s Board Walk

Jenkinson’s Amusement Park has the widest and wildest selection of rides!

Many rides are intended for small children and will give them a memorable first amusement park experience.

The boardwalk offers attractive rides, an aquarium, a beach view, and more.

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is located in Point Pleasant on the Jersey Shore.

Why should you do this?
The kiddie rides on the boardwalk will have kids feeling like the captain of their plane or the sailor of their boat. After the excitement, grab a creamsicle soft-serve ice-cream cone at Kohr’s, the ice cream that all New Jersians brag about!

60. Float on the Lazy River… Inside!

From surfing to floating–Whatever your game is, this park has it. The indoor attractions include a surfing simulator, floating jungle gyms, tubing slides, and more! Parents can hang in the hot tub while their kiddos splash around too.

Take a virtual tour of Sahara Sams.

Watch Blacksmith’s Creations Be Made !

Go back in time!The Historic Village at Allaire will fascinate the kids with history. In this old industrial community, the staff at the park dress from the 19th century and remain authentic to its time. Families can visit old buildings like the sweets shop, blacksmith workshop, and other exhibit halls! This park is great to walk around, but is also suited for biking, hiking, or fishing too!

Adventurous Things To Do in NJ

Try Paddleboarding at the Jersey Shore!

Learn the proper paddleboarding technique!Don’t know how to paddleboard yet? Paddleworks offers 4 different levels of lessons in Manasquan, taught by some of the best instructors in the North East!

Paddleworks will bring you and your rental equipment to their launch site, where you can test your skills on the calm waters of Stockton Lake and Glimmer Glass Harbor.

Why should you do this?
FunNewJersey.com visitors get 10% off!
When booking, use the code: STOKED
OR mention FunNewJersey.com when you arrive!

Fly in the Sky!

From Sky to Ground, you’ll be extremely safe and comfortable!Fly with one of the best-rated skydiving centers in the world! With tandem skydiving, you will have a fun, thrilling experience with spectacular views!

Get a photo and video of your unique dive at SkyDive CrossKeys with the BEST voted Dropzone in America!

Hike and Sip!

Walk 6 miles of beautiful terrain and then be greeted by 6 to 8 different tastes of wines!The hike is perfect for many reasons: you have an actual guide, you will take in great scenic views, you’re provided with lunch, you’re working off calories before wine tasting, AND you get a souvenir glass!

What’s better than a guided hike by NJ Adventure Tours that includes wine??

Fish on a Sunset Cruise!

What you catch is yours to keep (abiding by regulations of course)!Take an afternoon trip from Shark River to the Atlantic Ocean. There are many exciting things to do at Golden Eagle Fishing. Have a drink, watch the sunset, catch fish, and maybe even spot some dolphin visitors! Be sure to get a photo of your catch from this trip along the beautiful Jersey Shore.

Skim the Water Top!

Sail from the water up to 500 feet!Soar atop Jersey waters with the wind in your hair overlooking the shoreline! Point Pleasant Parasail opens May 26th every season. The captains have 25 years of experience combined, and are sure to follow regulations that will ensure the safety of every customer!

Swim in a Lake 1,000 ft. Above Ground!

Walk 7.9 miles to a glacial lake!This hike is not easy but it is well worth the view and the swim! View the map to plan your hike, and challenge yourself! We recommend you go prepared with backpacks of water and snacks because you are going to want the extra energy along the way.

Learn more about the beautiful Sunfish Pond Hike!

Play Laser Tag in 15 acres of Outdoors!

Imagine laser tag meets the Walking Dead!Hideout in trailers or tents to get your next target! This outdoor facility gets you immersed in camouflage so that you have the perfect gear to win, and get your competitors out!

Get ready for extreme fun with this thrilling sport! Check out Fireball Mountain Park and bring your friends and family!

Go in the B ackwoods on an ATV Tour!

For family, parties, and couples this is ultimate fun!Get the most thrilling, outdoor experience through the beautiful forests of Monmouth County. ATV’s are easy to use, and guided tours will ensure that you will have the most fun with the time you have. Go fast, get a little dirty–that the most exciting part! Book a session with NJ ATV Rentals!

70. Defy Gravity While Rock Climbing !

Scale a large and bumpy rock wall!This vault is total and absolute fun and a great challenge for kids or adults of all experience levels, and the coolest part is that it’s inside! Each location is custom-designed with a unique layout by climbing professionals that include arches, keyholes, overhangs, and more!

Apply your strength and agility at Gravity Vault Gyms in New Jersey!

Hike the Appalachian Trail!

Well..part of it!Hike between the northern and southern ends of the Appalachian Trail.

The hiker in you will be positively challenged and give you something to brag about! This range is easy to moderate.

Why should you do this?
The Appalachian Trail is the longest hiking trail by foot only in the entire world! Hike part of the trek that covers New Jersey to become inspired by the one’s who do it all! The makeup of the trail is constantly changing, so hike it while it is available!

Go on a Zip-Tour at Mountain Creek!

Zip-lining over Mountain Creek’s Spring-Fed Lake

Awaken the thrill-seeker in you! Get unmatched panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. The tour brings you on a series of zip lines from 200ft – 1,200ft long! Visit Mountain Creek Zip-Tours in the Spring!

Why should you do this?
Because you can soar over a mountain-top lake and your adrenaline will pump because it is unlike any other zip-line or ropes-course in NJ!

Trail Ride through Capik Nature Preserve!

Get beautiful views of the water while on horseback!Take an exclusive, guided trail through the backwoods of the nature preserve with a horse picked especially for you! Catch other wildlife on your trip from foxes, deer, and coyotes to turtles, hawks, and rabbits–don’t worry you are with a guide and you are safe! This makes for an exciting experience close to home.

The animal-lover will be ecstatic to spend 1/2 hour, 1 hour, OR 1 1/2 hours with these fellas at Legacy Riding Stables.

Why should you do this?
You’ll be able to see NJ from a different perspective and ride on trails never seen before!

Why Walk When You Can Fly?

Coast by the thrill rides more than 20 feet in the air!One HAS to go on the Six Flags Sky Ride when in NJ. This is a great way to plan the rest of the day because you fly by some of the park’s greatest thrills! Eat your lunch on here or just decompress for a few minutes when you need a break. Peacefully oversee the amusement on your sky chassis at Six Flags!

Why should you do this?
Because you can stay in the air for a long period of time, longer than a roller-coaster! Plus, you can rest your feet and eat a meal up in the air!

Climb a Ropes Course at Night!

Crack some glow sticks, use your headlamp, and go! Experience the excitement of this self-guided aerial obstacle course! Wear your sneakers, reserve your spot and climb!

Be like a monkey and do something out of your own comfort zone at Tree to Tree Cape May!

Finish a Fat Sandwich!

These loaded sandwiches have 5 sides AND a burger on one roll!You have to be adventurous to order this NJ classic that originated in New Brunswick on the Rutgers University Campus.

Save your appetite for this trip to RU Hungry?

Order an Overload Bagel!

When in Jersey, it is a sin not to get a bagel!Try an Oreo overload bagel or a flamin’ hot Cheetos bagel! The wacky menu contains the most diverse bagel AND cream cheese pairings! Although it is definitely a meal you’ll want to take a picture of, they are also tasty and fresh too! You’ll definitely have to visit this notorious Bagel Nook!

Feed Australian Parakeets in Free Flight!

Birds will land on your shoulder if you give them a snack at Turtle Back Zoo!The Aviary is open from May through September. In this enclosure, you can interact with 500 budgerigars! Not every zoo offers this, which is why it is super cool and exciting. You can also visit the touch tank! There are friendly stingrays and sharks that staff will let you “pet” and learn about.

Get hands-on at the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange NJ!

Romantic Things To Do in NJ

Create Your Unique Blend of Olive Oil

Discover the intricacy of olive-oil making!Learn something new at this winery, The Grape Escape offers specific food-making classes too so you can make something flavorful with your significant other and watch as Italian culture will make you fall in love all over again.

Why should you do this?
This intimate cooking class is not just about learning to cook, but more for the 5-star experience! You will taste olive oils and balsamic glazes, formulate herb blends, take home 2 bottles of your own, and be served 3 cultural dishes!

Overnight Hot-Air Ballooning Adventure!

The most romantic getaway adventure in NJ! Surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner, a stay at a lovely B&B, and then an unbelievable hot-air balloon ride!

You can take a sunrise flight or a sunset flight, it’s your choice!

Here is the adventure package from In Flight Balloon Adventures LLC!

Why should you do this?
This is a once in a lifetime adventure. In-Flight Balloon Adventures will make all of the romantic arrangements for you. They will customize the adventure to your liking.

See all places to go ballooning in NJ.

Go on a Date to a Drive-In Movie!

New Jersey’s Only Drive-In Theatre!Grab a soda and some popcorn and experience the nostalgia of this romantic, old-style movie theater where your parents used to go on dates! This Drive-In is 1 hour away from Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and Delaware for when you want to venture around after.

Check Delsea’s Drive-In in Vineland to see what movie is playing they open mid-March and stay through the season!

Why should you do this?
The number of drive-in theaters is decreasing every year. Catch a movie here so you can say you did! This is one of the only drive-ins left in NJ!

Walk Underneath The Seaside Heights Boardwalk

Find your spot under the boardwalk!We are not sure if this is allowed, but we’ve done it many times. See what it is like under the boardwalk in the sand while watching the waves roll in. It’s a fabulous place to neck in private.

Why should you do this?
If you live in NJ and you have never ventured underneath the boardwalk at Seaside Heights, you’ll need to do this right away. It is dark, romantic and its super fun.

Reconnect at This Luxurious Bed & Breakfast!

A romantic and secluded, gorgeous place to stay!This stay-cation offers scenic views of the countryside, fireplaces, whirlpool tubs for two, private outdoor sitting areas, stocked refrigerators, and Bose radios. You both will be waited on with a complimentary breakfast, afternoon appetizers, flowers from the garden, and more. While close to quaint towns like Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA, everything you need for a sweet getaway is here at the Woolverton Inn.

Why should you do this?
Woolverton Inn is the most restorative experience in all of NJ where individuals can get their own downtime, couples can reconnect and groups can rejuvenate. The bed and breakfast is located in the most beautiful pastoral setting with 10 acres of serene park-like scenes and beautifully preserved farmland nearby. You can also engage and visit with their 5 lovely sheep!

Take a Heated Trolley Through Princeton!

Learn about ‘genius country’ with an expert guide and sight-see Princeton!A specialty that the trolley offers is their holiday and seasonal tours! Even in the depths of winter, you will be chauffeured around to see the lights and mom-n-pop shops of Palmer Square!

The best part? They offer special discounts depending on which tour you book! If you take the Wintertime Tour which runs from the end of November thru December 21st (or so), you’ll get 10% off lunch/dinner at Yankee Doodle Tap Room (excl. alcohol) or $1 off your first draft at Triumph Brewing Company. Whichever time you visit, you will receive something special. Visit Trolley Tours in Princeton!

Discover Your Ferry Tale in Cape May!

Take a scenic ferry ride to explore the beach town of Cape May!Couples will cruise around on a fun boat ride that connects you to many other little towns while overlooking scenic landscapes. Plan your cute little New Jersey day trip.. you will honestly forget that you are so close to home!

Hop on the Cape May Ferry for a day spent with your love while enjoying the company of each other and doing some traveling in some new places and exciting quaint towns.

Beat Him at Pool at Recess Bar!

Find Console Gaming, Billiards, and Shuffleboard!What better way to keep things interesting and fresh than by getting flirty and competitive in pool or video game? Play with your partner who also happens to be your best friend! Date night just got a lot more fun. take a break and visit Recess Bar.

Drink Wine and Play Golf!

Play your best at this championship golf course on a vineyard!Stay a weekend at the Tuscany House Hotel which old has 50 rooms, where everything for both of your needs are at the end of your fingertips. Spend some time touring the fields of the winery, playing some golf on this specialty course, and then hanging out at the outside pools- all the things that you both adore!

Piggy-Back Ride to Pick Apples!

Throughout the fall season, take cute pictures and pick some apples!Apple-picking for couples is a must in the fall with your significant other. You can get some assistance picking the freshest apples from the top of the trees while sitting on their shoulders. Not only is it super cute, but you will have a picture to use for your Christmas card and a fresh-baked apple pie to show for it (if you choose to bake, which we say you absolutely should)!

Handpick your produce from Terhune Orchards or pick up apple cider donuts and fresh, rich apple cider hot or cold!

Camp Out Nestled in the Woods!

You can tent camp or rent a cabin on site!What else would qualify as a romantic getaway more than this? Rent your own little property for a couple nights, make a fire, and look up at the stars on a clear night, you can sleep in, and you can rent paddleboards! There is no need to drive anywhere because all of the activities are within walking or biking distance. The trip will give you both some well-rested, intimate time away from everyone and everything!

Book a stay at Cedar Creek Campground and don’t forget to meet the birds at the front office!

90. Get Some Friends for Top Golf!

Compete with other couples for friendly competition!Grab a golf club and practice your swing while getting wined and dined on! This is a fun sport to do with your significant other which is affordable and indoor/outdoors, so it is perfect for every season!

Take the trip to Top Golf for a refreshing, sporty date!

Dress Your Sunday Best and Bet on Horse Races !

Visit Monmouth Park for a real horse race!This is incredibly exciting and a one of a kind experience if you have never attended before! The park has a calendar of events that range from May to September. Visit the website to learn tutorials on how to bet and keep it simple. This is a fun new date idea for you both as a couple–especially if you WIN!

See some horse racing at Monmouth Park!

Dine Like You’re in France at a Monet-I nspired Cafe!

Have exquisite french cuisine at a place where you’ll feel like you’re in a painting!Rat’s Restaurant is in a beautiful setting that is surrounded by a sculpture garden. With a pond home to ducks and fish, it accompanies the right amount of colorful and intricate design both inside and outside to set the mood for your date!

Book your reservation for lunch or dinner at this unique, art-inspired dining experience with a funky name like Rat’s Restaurant.

Visit a 1950’s era Vegas Style Restaurant!

Diner with a Show!Be sure to check out the calendar for this Vegas-style restaurant! Live entertainment will set a romantic mood for you and your significant other. Any couple will have fun!

Visit: Hell’s Kitchen in New Jersey for a day spent with your favorite person dining like you’re in Vegas!

Dancing with Your Star!

Romance with a dance!Couples will be able to step out of their comfort zones, appreciate each other, and get a couple laughs in the meantime! This studio is for beginners to all levels. Any couple will have fun and learn how to dance socially!

Visit: Gift of Dance Studios in New Jersey for a day spent with your favorite person learning something new.

Summer: Look Out from the Rooftop Bar at The Asbury Hotel !

Drink in the intimate corners for an evening with your love.Socialize within The Asbury community! There is something for the musicians, the film-lovers, the social butterflies, and the one’s who appreciate a good drink. Plan a relaxing evening on top of this hotel overlooking the layout of the unique and charming town of Asbury!

Dress for a casual yet elegant night out at Salvation.

Winter: Visit The Asbury Winter Park !

Skate around an ice rink, fire pit, and get some s’mores and drinks.Cuddle up next to the warm fire after a fun time on the ice! The winter park is perfect to have some good laughs in an atmosphere designed for people to socialize and to tend to all of your needs and help you both decompress.

Grab your coat and head to the Winter Park which runs Friday- Sunday and IS Weather Dependent!!

Free Things To Do in NJ

Attend a Free Concert, Beach-side!

Rock out to bands in NJ on Sundays & Thursdays Mid-June through August!For the yearly schedule, check out their website! Amazing local bands will put on a free show that you can enjoy from genres like jazz and soul, to Motown or classic rock!

Perfect events for a summer evening right at Pier Village in Long Branch where you can pick up great food as well. Check out the Summer Concert Series.

Fitness Programs at Military Park!

The arts and games all for free at the park is endless!With a farmer’s market, restaurant, ping-pong table, concert stage with many other amenities, this park is where you want to take your whole family! Starting in the spring are classes for zumba, line-dancing, yoga, and even cooking classes!

This little boardwalk built within the city is like heaven. Head to Military Park to do something everyone will enjoy!

Bike the Henry Hudson!

This adventurous, free trail ranges a total of 24 miles!From Aberdeen/Keyport to Atlantic Highlands (aka the beach) we recommend starting at the Northern section that runs 12 miles that continues to Popamora Point on Sandy Hook Bay! You can also ride down the shore to Long Branch and take the train back, too!

Bike the Henry Hudson Trail and then spend the rest of the day relaxing at the beach!

100. The Most Cherry Blossom Trees in the World!

(Except for Japan) Walk this beautiful, serene park!There are over 5,300 cherry trees on this landscape. Home to 14 different varieties, it has come to be known as “Cherry Blossom Land”. Catch different scenic views from across the lake, play some tennis or horseshoes, and explore what it has to offer!

Branch Brook Park is beautifully developed and is like New Jersey’s Central Park.

See Breathtaking, Famous Art Exhibits!

See what’s on display at 70 South Gallery!Visit this passionate art gallery in Morristown, NJ. It features famous artists and photographers like Vivian Maier! When in the state, call ahead or visit their website to catch the pieces and exhibits that you just have to see in person, they are always filtering in and out so come quick! This gallery stays updated and current and brings in beautiful works of art by renowned artists for their audience to enjoy.

Meet Some Furry Farm Animals!

Horses, ox, pigs, cats, cattledogs and more!:Howell Farm in NJ, dating back to the 1900s, is home to many unique critters. Go back in time where the staff reenacts the past as best they can on this farm that showcases and imitates a key period in agricultural history! Kids will love this trip to the dairy farm– introduce them to all the creatures/tenants here to see why this is unlike other pastures!

See the Great Falls! (Just Not Niagara)

This powerful waterfall is the second biggest in volume east of the Mississippi!Look in awe at the raging flow of the falls right before Paterson NJ! On a sunny day, you will want to see this beautiful beast of nature. This historic park will teach you and lead you to everything you need to know and see.

Step out to the industrial history of Paterson Great Falls.

Picnic Among 244 Different Species of Wildlife

This National Wildlife Refuge is the best during early mornings or late afternoons!If you are quiet and respectful, you will be able to see majestic animals in their natural habitat. Although it’s a free thing to do, it is VERY valuable to see nature at its finest! Have a peaceful picnic or hike trails! Explore the 900 acres and check out the brochure.

Pay a trip to the wildlife at Great Swamp Refuge.

The Grand Central of Ghosts!

This was a spy’s s house in the revolutionary war!Many previous visitors are known to have seen paranormal activity or ghosts inside or through the windows. You are longer allowed to go in there, but we can all wonder why. It is still worth it to look at the outside to see for yourself if you are intrigued!

This weird NJ story will spook you easily The Spy House, in Port Monmouth NJ.

Walk Along Snake Rock if You Dare

The previous land of The Almshouse, Penitentiary, Quarry, and Hospital for the Insane!You can definitely see why the grounds would be spooky or haunted! Many years ago it was also known for the many black snakes that occupied it.

It is now known as Laurel Hill Park but is still one of the weird locations of NJ.

Re-Watch Your Favorite Movies on the Big Screen

Get comfy with a free day at the movie theater!Many cinemas in NJ host a free kids series in the summers that feature their favorite movies. Don’t let them miss the chance to put their feet up, eat some popcorn, and watch their shows on the big screen!

At Cityplex12 in New Jersey, they can spend some time with their favorite animated movie characters!

Walk the Jettys at Manasquan Inlet!

Be like true NJ locals and walk out on the jettys!If you’ve never done this, you are missing out. You can really do this at any Jersey Shore boardwalk! Sitting out watching the ocean brings a sense of relaxation and calm like nothing else. As long as there is no crazy storm, you can do this in any season–just dress accordingly!

If you can dish out a couple bucks, grab a tasty scoop of ice cream at Carlson’s Corner right before the beach. View the live cam at Manasquan Inlet.

Walk Through NJ Hall of Famers

Walk through a museum dedicated to everything sports-related!This museum includes photos, equipment, scrapbooks, and other memorabilia. It also features a large Trophy Room where you can find your favorite athletes and teams of all sports in this region of New Jersey like John Borican, “the Olympic all-around black athlete”, Willie Mays, Philadelphia Phillie’s artifacts, and more!

At Bridgeton Hall of Fame All Sports Museum in Cumberland County New Jersey, a walk through legendary teams in history for free!

Spot a Bald Eagle on a Hike!

A great trail for any season!Hike a short and easy trail that spans a mere 3.1 miles that can also be cut short if you choose to cut some parts off. How many chances do you actually get to witness a bald eagle, our nation’s emblem, in your life? It is a smart idea to print your trail map ahead of time.. Stop at Jenkins Landing and search for bald eagles, and bring your binoculars!

At Peek Preserve that overlooks the Maurice River in the Pine Barrens, explore the outdoors, and witness the beautiful landscapes of New Jersey!

Great Wildlife Views at Cattus Island!

This wheelchair-accessible boardwalk and trails overlook Barnegat Bay!We have suggested many parks and hiking trails because they are free. However, if you love great views of the water and nature, you will THRIVE here.

Cultural Things To Do in NJ

Visit The NJ Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial

Learn about the political, historical, social, cultural, and military aspects of the Vietnam Era. If you are a history buff, or know someone who had served in the Vietnam War, this powerful tribute is one you absolutely need to visit. This honors those who served America and the state of NJ during the Vietnam Era, especially the 1,562 New Jersey men and 1 woman who sacrificed their lives for us. Tour the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial right in Monmouth County, NJ.

Take a Tour Where NFL Home Teams Play!

How cool would it be to walk around Met Life Stadium and explore the VIP access? Walk right where your favorite Jets and Giants players have stepped foot, and NFL teams have won career-changing games. Visit premium spaces, such as the Commissioners Club, Press Box, and our luxury suites, as well as taking a walk on the field, of course! Tours are offered every Saturday at reasonable prices…when do you ever get to tour a stadium when there’s not a game going on? Check out behind the scenes at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.

Look Into Window of America’s Past

A house built by a signer of the Declaration of Independence! The permanent exhibition has incorporated stories of residents who lived or worked at Morven over time this includes women, children, generations of enslaved men and women, immigrant servants, and later, employees. Read about American history dating back to the 1750s!

See America’s Most Detailed African Art!

Northern, Eastern, and Southern African Art is a Rarity!This museum’s collection depicts and incorporates other sides of African Culture extremely well, which would normally go unmentioned in other exhibits!

Catch this exclusive featured installation soon as possible!

Take a Food Tour!

Mangia Hoboken runs April through October!Taste some of the most authentic Italian gourmet food businesses in the United States! This walking and tasting tour will go over the culture and history as well and is perfect fun for friends and family. Book your reservations soon!

Tour Mangia Hoboken and check out the itinerary!

See a Contemporary Dance Show!

The leading dance company in NJ!If you are passionate about dance, you will thoroughly appreciate attending an event or lecture at Princeton Ballet School. Get tickets for an upcoming show or educational session if you are in New Jersey.

Bathe on the Only NJ Nude Beach!

No, you don’t have to go abroad to experience this!Find a quiet spot on Gunnison Beach, one of the beaches at Sandy Hook, and you can leave the bathing suit at home. Feel absolutely, totally free and run into the water or bask under the sun without getting any harsh tan lines–just don’t forget the sunscreen! Visit Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook.

Soar to Space in the NJ State Planetarium

Recline in your seat and look up at the Full DomeVideo!Take a tour of the universe with educated staff that will go through star-talks and solar system knowledge! Get educated with galactic knowledge at NJ Planetarium!

Learn from Exhibitions in Morris Museum!

Check out interesting and different current exhibits on their website!This museum’s collection from trumpets, sound gardens, and trains. There are traveling collections that you don’t want to miss! Find out how music can be transformed into visual art.

Catch rotating installation that you are amazed by as soon as possible!

Tour Thomas Edison’s Laboratory !

The national historic park showcases where Edison made all of his creations!When touring, be sure to listen to the free guided tour from the website to teach you about how Thomas Edison lived and answer any questions that you may have! How interesting it is to be learning about the man who created electric power generation on your cellular phone!

Get a virtually history lesson here.

Witness Lady Liberty!

Oversee the Upper New York Bay, Liberty Island, and Ellis Island!Liberty State Park highlights the Statue of Liberty, a Holocaust memorial, and a 9/11 memorial. It is really a true honor to pay tribute to, and witness significant artifacts representative of our world’s history. Looking at the bay, you will have a clear view of Lady Liberty, which is HUGE which is why it is a must when you are visiting NJ.

Take a City at Sea Tour

Walk aboard one of the largest battleships ever built!Battleship New Jersey is about as long as 3 football fields. On this ship launched in 1942, you will be led into areas of the ship hidden to the public. The tour involves walk-throughs of the Machine Shops, the Medical and Dental facilities, the Post Office, the TV Studio and Control Room, the Brig, the Barber Shop and more. Also, World War Veterans are Free! Come learn about this large ship that has sailed through such historic times.

Family Fun at the Recreational Complex!

Paddle Boat on the waterfront!The park offers a new and safe children’s playground among other walking trails. Play some mini-golf, have a picnic, or dine at McLoone’s next door! This dynamic park is one you’ll want to visit to do a little bit of everything and enjoy the weather outside. Visit Essex County South Mountain Recreation Complex

Foodie Related Things To Do in NJ

125. Visit The Oldest Pizzeria and Restaurant in NJ!

Papa’s Tomato Pies!

Established in 1912, it is the oldest family-owned pizza restaurant, not just in NJ, but in the entire USA!

Papa’s owner Nick Azzaro is a third-generation pizza pie maker extraordinaire.

Why should you do this?
This old-school (extremely affordable) restaurant makes the best tomato pies in the entire universe. Also, the heaping plate of Chicken Parm is a mere $10. Try the mustard pie with a beer! You won’t be sorry, trust us!

Papa’s was also voted #1 in NJ and unbelievably in the top 20 in the entire US by NBC and ABC!

Our second choice of the best tomato pie in NJ

Joey’s of Hamilton

It’s all about the sauce at Joey’s.

It is silky smooth, it’s sweet…

Then you have the crust. Thin, airy, and the perfect crispness when you bite down on it.

The real secret? It’s the cheese. Mozzarella is a leading actor in this pizza movie but it’s not the star. There is another cheese in play and it’s not what you would guess. We are sworn to secrecy, so don’t ask us. Go and experience it for yourself and leave a comment at the end of this post.

Do a 2 for 1 Papa’s and Joey’s are in close proximity. Why not hit up both and report back to us? Can any of you NJ native foodies handle this chore and report your findings to us? They are only 12 minutes apart. Click on the map below to get directions from one another

Let’s get a vote going right here.

Why should you do this?
We promise that these will be an amazingly tasty Tomato Pie. One that you will not soon forget!

VooDoo Shrimp Credited by Bobby Flay

VooDoo Shrimp at Drew’s Bayshore Bistro

If you love seafood, your mouth is going to water!Drew’s Bayshore Bistro in the quaint town of Keyport makes their famous dish of Voodoo Shrimp which is in a spicy Worcestershire cream sauce served with jalapeno cornbread. Chef Drew is inspired by the Gulf Coast and Low Country cuisines which is how he guides his cooking.

Do you live for savory, fresh seafood? Visit Keyport, NJ for the full foodie EXPERIENCE here. Order the shrimp–it’s Bobby Flay approved!

Why should you do this?
How many times can you say you ate at a restaurant approved by an American Celebrity Chef? Exactly, so if you have a passion for food or just want to satisfy your taste buds, pay Chef Drew a visit!

Bourdain Approved: Hot Dogs

Visit this cute little hot-dog stand!Feed your soul at Hiram’s Roadstand in Fort Lee, NJ which has been around since 1932!

Why should you do this?
Everyone loves to indulge in greasy, fried food sometimes! Find comfort in knowing that one of the most trusted experts of international cuisine in the world ate here, too!

Give Your Ice Cream Personality!

Coney Waffle Ice Cream Characters

You’ve never seen ice cream like this!These confectionery creations are something every young person (or young at heart) DREAMS of. From monstrous milkshakes to ice cream characters, Coney Waffle will make you laugh, fill your belly, and give you a yummy Instagramable moment!

Eat at any of the 4 Coney Waffle Locations around NJ!

Why should you do this?
They select their ice cream from THOUSANDS of unique flavors. AND
No two characters made from these sugary treats are the same!

We Do Breakfast the Best !

After all, Jersey is the state with the most Diners!Amy’s Omelette House is home to just about any possible topping/inclusion that you would put in your eggs! With 222 choices (more choice is better, right?) for just omelets alone, your breakfast will be one to remember. Although it is an Omelette house, they also serve lunch and dinner, with other substitutions for breakfast like pancakes, french toast, and oatmeal!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Start it with Amy’s with multiple locations around New Jersey!

Grab a Latin Dish from Mother Spoon !

The chef was named Best Chef in the Mid Atlantic region in 2012!Cucharamama features vibrant Latin art and mood along with Artisanal South American mouthwatering cuisine. Try dishes like Peruvian-Style Roast Leg of Pork, Chilean Beef, and Chicken Potpie, or Shrimp in a Spicy Peruvian Pepper Sauce!

What Are Bruce Springsteen’s Favorites?

You might even see The Boss himself while attending one day!The musician from New Jersey is a simple man, he loves his pizza, hotdogs, and ice cream!

Growing up, he would grab a bite at WindMill Restaurant in Long Branch in which they would stay open just for him sometimes! He had also claimed to have Jersey Freeze save the broken ice cream cones because they were so tasty. And lastly, he actually cashed his first check at Federici’s in Freehold and ordered a pizza! Head over to these locations or read more about his unique experiences at these places!

Get Your Tequila and Tacos !

Choose from 91 tequilas and 26 mezcals with modern tacos!Get fresh and modern Mexican food over a tasty cocktail! Check out your favorite cocktails or if it’s a taco, burrito, salad, don’t forget dessert on their Instagram! Central Taco and Tequila also makes daily, in-house hot sauce, guacamole, and salsa. Experience Modern Mexican food in a cool atmosphere right in South Jersey.

Make Jam With Farm to Table Ingredients!

Use fruit picked fresh from the garden!This cooking class shows guests how to make jam and fresh hors d’oeuvres. Fresh & Fancy Farms use farm-to-table chefs, farmers, and sometimes guest chefs to teach preparation skills and show you the best seasonal ingredients to use in your cooking!

All-You-Can-Eat Brazilian Steak House !

Eat fresh slices of savory and spiced meats until you are absolutely full!The diverse menu will explain all of their dishes, and you should absolutely try something new. How do you know if you’ll like it (or love it) if you don’t try it! Try different kinds of chicken, steak, pork chops, sausage, fish, shrimp–you name it. You will be full up until your head hits the pillow!

End your evening with a juicy slice of meat from the selection at Boina Brasa in New Jersey!

Highly Coveted French Cuisine !

Authentic food that reminds you of the Provencal countryside!Chez Catherine was acknowledged by the New York Times for her exquisite dishes! Choose how many courses you would like (Dinner Menu, French Business Lunch, or A La Carte and Dessert) while anything that you order will be pretty and delicately placed and taste delicious! Chez Catherine is also the most romantic dinner spot located in Westfield, NJ.

Pizza Re-Imagined as a Dessert!

The fact that this delectable dessert also happens to be Instagram-worthy makes it even better!Who said that cookies had to be round, and brownies had to be square? If you have sweet tooth, you’re probably drooling right now because you can have a whole sized pizza slice made from and topped with sweets!

Make after-dinner the best part! End your meal with Brother Bruno’s Pizza in Wayne, New Jersey!

Must Order | Bar Omakase (“I’ll Leave it Up to You”)

Get a handcrafted meal by Japanese sushi chefs!Have authentic Japanese cuisine and experience raw fish like never before, not like Americanized sushi! Ai Sushi prides itself on staying true to the culture while providing guests with the freshest ingredients in the kitchen daily. If you are an adventurous foodie, this restaurant is for you!

A Cafe Beautifully Set in Front of a Flower Shop !

Order sweet or savory crepes here among fresh flowers!This neighborly European Cafe serves up fresh, healthy meals that some say we’re better than they had in Paris! Drink some cappuccino art with terrific service! This hidden creperie is sure to satisfy your taste buds and make you feel as if you’re in Europe!

Take a trip, be treated as a local at Cafe Flora in Cherry Hill NJ!

140. Salt Water Taffy from an 1898 Candy Shoppe!

See salt-water taffy actually being made in this combo of a retail store and factory!The long-lasting history of this sweets shop speaks for itself. Saltwater taffy is something you need to have when you are at the Jersey Shore, however, they are much more than that. Shriver’s creates macaroons, fudge, mint rolls, AND saltwater taffy.

Stop by to watch how the sweets are made at Shriver’s in Ocean City, New Jersey!

Brunch on Southern Comfort Food!

Visit Modine in Asbury Park for the crunchiest, golden fried chicken!They describe themselves as a road trip through the coastal Low Country! With great drinks, a large variety for brunch and supper dining, you’ll feel loyal to it like it’s your mother’s cooking.

If you want real Americana style food that warms your heart and puts a smile on your face, drool over the menu here, and then make your move!

Try Texas Korean BBQ on a Doughnut!

The restaurant’s menu includes out-of-this-world harmonious flavors of two different cultures!Their signature dish is the Chonut 2.1 made with chopped smoked brisket, smoked kimchi, Fatboy barbecue sauce, cheese, bacon, and scallions ALL on a glazed DONUT!

Kimchi Smoke Barbecue has a unique menu that has one of those dishes that you have to eat at least once in your life–that is if you don’t still crave it over and over again!

Named One of the Best Sushi Bars in America!

Try the Fashion Roll OR golden eye snapper, baby yellowtail, white salmon, or live orange clam when available!This restaurant is creative, stylish, and offers fresh and prepared rolls! This is a unique sushi experience. Try Honsho in Jersey City!

Nationally Recognized Hoffman’s Ice Cream

For when you’re done at the Point Pleasant Boardwalk! This amazing ice cream shop that shifted from a Carvel in 1976, has even been recognized by Martha Stewart! With dozens of delicious, and extravagant homemade ice cream and sorbet flavors that you can view on the website, you can also order a pint online to get a taste of the Jersey Shore!

The Parker House in Sea Girt

Dine over fresh catches of the day in this jaw-dropping, beautiful house!This restaurant was established in 1878 and has been “serving fine food and good times for 140 years”!

Parker House is a MUST when visiting NJ!

Taste for Mediterranean Flavor!

Eat at the Best Greek Restaurant in all of Middlesex County!Chef Kappas was born and raised in Central Greece, therefore, he has all the delectable recipes! Try fresh and exciting dishes new to your tastebuds. Visit their website to look at lunch specials and dinner specialties!

The Greek on main will begin your passion for quality rich Mediterranean dining!

Brooklyn Style Meets Southern Italian Cuisine

Watch these authentic recipes made right in front of your eyes!Cafe 2825 offers table-side experiences that will make you wide-eyed and hungry. These include burrata style fresh mozzarella, soft polenta, wheel of Rome’s favorite Pecorino cheese, and the dressing for your caesar salad.

Do your taste-buds a favor and go to Atlantic City to dine here. You can thank us later.

Get the Best Philly Cheesesteak NOT in Philly!

Donkey’s Place holds the best ranking for Cheesesteaks!This eatery established in 1943 does things a little differently. They make their sandwiches on a poppy seed kaiser roll with thinly sliced steak, topped with soft sauteed onions and melted American cheese on top and not within. Though it is not the traditional Philly cheesesteak, it is worshiped by the surrounding area and to famous chefs.

Decide for yourself without having to go the extra mile and visit this well-worn yet charming bar, here!

149. Art in a Cup of Coffee!

Bwe Kafe serves a top-quality and earth-conscious cup-o-joe!Get the cutest, tastiest brew next time you visit the Hoboken area– just check out their Instagram! Give this business your support because it isn’t just any coffee place each sale goes to further education for Haitian youth while also supplying the Haitian population with clean drinking water, and benefiting Haitian farmers!

Read about the added benefits of their brewing methods, and the rich taste you will receive at Bwe Coffee!

150. Take a Bite out of the Best Brooklyn Pie that is Not in Brooklyn!

This Brooklyn Pie is in Manalapan, NJ!Cheese on the bottom. Sauce on the top. And a beautiful sweet sauce at that! This is known as an upside-down pie. And it is the best upside-down Brooklyn style pie that you will ever eat. The dough is fluffier than pillow cotton. Well not really, but the dough texture is silky smooth and second to none. This is the best in class. Trust us.

There are 3 locations (Jackson, Manalapan, and Toms River but we have only been to the Manalapan one.

151. Start Livin on the Edge (Veg: That is)

Vegan specialty wraps, sandwiches, salads, soups, and burgers!If you are on LBI, hit up this little hole in the wall vegan spot. You will not be disappointed. Specialties include the avocado club, black bean burgers, and potato salad. There are a few picnic tables outside to enjoy your vegan feast. Living on the Veg is Cash only.

What is one of the most unique attractions in NJ?

A three-hour sailboat charter on the picturesque Barnegat Bay. A Day on the Bay is a sailboat charter company located next door to the Captains Inn Tiki bar on the Beautiful Forked River. Tell them that FunNewJersey.com sent you and you will get free cheese and crackers on a weekday sail!

What is one of the most unique day trip ideas in NJ?

We recommend that you visit the oldest pizzeria in New Jersey. Papa’s Tomato Pies holds that title and it is still rated the #1 spot in New Jersey to try their famous pie. Afterward, you can take part in some cultural events by seeing a performance at the Princeton Ballet School or taking a visit to the New Jersey Planetarium. The Morris Museum is also an innovative museum that uses interactive displays to blur the lines between auditory music and visual art.

What can you do in New Jersey for free?

In the summertime, one of our favorite things to do in New Jersey is to go to The Summer Concert Series at Pier Village in Long Branch. Here, you can see some amazing free concerts while also picking up some great food.

In the spring, try visiting Branch Brook Park, which has the second most cherry trees in one place, after Japan. While some may think this title is held by D.C., they would be wrong.

You can also visit Paterson Great Falls any time the weather is nice. This is a huge and powerful waterfall set in a pristine natural environment. It is a perfect way to spend a beautiful day.

Why do people want to live in NJ?

There are plenty of reasons to want to live in New Jersey. Outside of the close proximity to great beaches and New York City, there is also a lot to do here and a thriving culture as well as plenty of history to discover.

There is one of America’s only nude beaches at Gunnison Beach. Residents can also take part in a thriving culture by going on the Mangia Hoboken food tour. You can even soak in all of New Jersey’s rich history by visiting Thomas Edison’s Laboratory.

What to do down the shore when it rains?

Drew’s Bayshore Bistro is one of the best places to visit down the shore when it rains. The voodoo shrimp here is world-renowned, even Bobby Flay loves it! Brighten up your day by trying some of this Gulf-Coast inspired famous shrimp for yourself.

If you’re stuck in the rain on the Jersey Shore, you can also visit a candy shop that’s been around since 1898. This candy shop still makes the saltwater taffy it sells. Stop in for treats such as macaroons, fudge, and mint rolls in addition to the saltwater taffy.

What is there to do in Wildwood if it rains?

In Wildwood, we really love visiting the Hereford Lighthouse on a rainy day. It is very affordable to enter for the whole family, and you can go on an easy self-guided tour. The Gateway 26 Casino is another place to go on a rainy day in Wildwood. This place is safe and fun for the whole family. Finally, a trip to the arcade may just be the cure for the rainy-day blues. Funhouse Arcade offers plenty of fun games right on the Wildwood Boardwalk as the perfect cure.

Is the Cape May Zoo open when it rains?

The Cape May Zoo is a wonderful free zoo in Cape May that is open when it rains. You will want to wear your rain jackets and carry an umbrella as not every area is covered. However, many animals act differently in the rain, so while some may be hiding away, you will still get to see many animals doing amusing activities as they play in the rain. One visitor loved that she got to see bears eat apples and romp around on a rainy day, and she loved even more that the experience was free! One of the best perks of visiting the Cape May zoo on a rainy day is that the zoo will be very empty so you and your family will feel like you have the whole zoo to yourself. Totally worth it even if you get a little bit wet.

What to do in Cape May this weekend?

There are plenty of great things to do in Cape May this weekend. For instance, you can visit Cape May PB Co and pick up some of the most amazing peanut butter you have ever had. They also offer hot chocolate, cannolis, and more. You get to watch them make the peanut butter and even choose from over 40 flavors of jam. Make sure to pick up some dog treats for your pup before you leave. Afterward, make sure to go to Cape May Whale Watcher to see plenty of dolphins and whales up close and personal in their natural environment. We can’t think of a better way to explore Cape May!

  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights to Boston from New York John F Kennedy Airport for $84 or less one-way and $163 or less round-trip.
  • The cheapest flight from New York John F Kennedy Airport to Boston was found 28 days before departure, on average.
  • Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be October, November and December. The cheapest month to fly is April.
  • Morning departure is around 8% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.

FAQs for booking New York John F Kennedy Airport to Boston flights

Which airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for flights from New York John F Kennedy Intl to Boston Logan Intl due to COVID-19?

Delta, JetBlue and Aer Lingus have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from New York John F Kennedy Intl to Boston Logan Intl. Confirm policies on booking site.

Which airlines apply social distancing measures on flights to Boston Logan Intl from New York John F Kennedy Intl due to COVID-19?

Etihad Airways, LATAM Airlines and Alitalia do not allow booking a middle seat on flights from New York John F Kennedy Intl to Boston Logan Intl.

Are there Boston travel restrictions currently due to Coronavirus?

Entry restrictions
The United States has restricted the entry of all foreign nationals who have passed through or have been in China, Iran, Most European Countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City), the UK, Ireland, Brazil and South Africa in the past 14 days.
With the exception of certain travelers which includes certain family members of US citizens or permanent residents including spouses, children (under the age of 21), parents (provided that his/her US citizen or permanent resident child is unmarried and under the age of 21), and siblings (provided that both the sibling and the US citizen or permanent resident are unmarried and under the age of 21)
There is also an exception for travelers with the following visas: A-1, A-2, C-1, C-1/D, C-2, C-3, CR-1, CR-2, D, E-1 (as an employee of TECRO or TECO or the employee's immediate family members), G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, IR-1, IR-4, IH-4, NATO-1 through NATO-4, or NATO-6 visa
Members of the US Armed Forces, spouses, and children of members of the US Armed Forces
Travelers with invitation of the USA government for a purpose related to the containment/mitigation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Travelers with documents issued by the US Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection, or US Department of State indicating that the traveler is exempt from the restriction
B1 crew crewmembers that are engaged in lightering, Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) activity, wind farm activity, private air/sea crew and other similar crewmember activities
Students with an F-1 or M-1 visa and their F-2 and M-2 dependents, if they arrive from or have been in Ireland, the UK or Schengen Area in the past 14 days.

Entry requirements
All travelers, 2 years of age or older (including US citizens and transit passenger) must present a negative COVID-19 viral or antigen test result issued 72 hours prior to departure or have a proof of recovery from the virus within the last 90 days prior to boarding the plane.
Travelers must complete a disclosure and attestation form before departure.
Exemptions or waiver to the testing requirements may be granted by the CDC on an extremely limited basis when emergency travel (like an emergency medical evacuation) must occur to preserve someone’s life, health against a serious danger, or physical safety and testing cannot be completed before travel.
US citizens and permanent residents arriving from the UK must present a medical certificate with a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test result issued within 72 hours prior to departure.
Travelers arriving in New York State must complete the Traveler Health Form.
Travelers arriving in Massachusetts must complete the Massachusetts Health Form.

Quarantine requirements
Travelers are advised to get tested 3-5 days after travel and stay home and self-quarantine for 7 days after travel. Even if they test negative, they must still stay home and self-quarantine for the full 7 days. If the test is positive, isolate to protect others from getting infected.​​
Travelers who did not get tested, are advised to stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.​

All other info
Travelers are subject to COVID-19 measures set by the state/territory of their final destination. For more information go to CDC website.

Please see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page for more information on restrictions worldwide.

How long does a flight from New York John F Kennedy Airport to Boston take?

An average nonstop flight takes 1h 10m, covering a distance of 186 miles.

How many flights are there between New York John F Kennedy Airport and Boston?

There are 625 (nonstop) flights between New York John F Kennedy Airport and Boston per week, averaging 89 per day.

Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from New York John F Kennedy Airport to Boston?

In the past 3 days, the cheapest one-way tickets to Boston from New York John F Kennedy Airport were found on Delta ($67) and JetBlue ($79), and the lowest round-trip tickets have been found on JetBlue ($133) and Delta ($153).

Do I need a passport to fly to Boston from New York John F Kennedy Airport?

Which airlines fly most frequently between New York John F Kennedy Airport and Boston?

Delta (10 times daily), JetBlue (8 times daily), Aer Lingus (7 times daily) are the most frequent flyers on this route.

What’s the cheapest day of the week to fly New York John F Kennedy Airport to Boston?

For New York John F Kennedy Airport to Boston, Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly on average and Monday is the most expensive. Flying from Boston back to New York John F Kennedy Airport, the best deals are generally found on Wednesday, with Monday being the most expensive.

How does KAYAK find such low prices on flights from New York John F Kennedy Airport to Boston?

KAYAK is a travel search engine. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from New York John F Kennedy Airport to Boston.

How does KAYAK's flight Price Forecast tool help me choose the right time to buy my flight ticket from New York John F Kennedy Airport to Boston?

KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a flight to Boston from New York John F Kennedy Airport is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now.

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights from New York John F Kennedy Airport to Boston?

Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. You could then fly to Boston with an airline and back to New York John F Kennedy Airport with another airline.

What is KAYAK's "flexible dates" feature and why should I care when looking for a flight from New York John F Kennedy Airport to Boston?

Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Boston from New York John F Kennedy Airport up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. You can then pick the flights that suit you best.

Top 5 airlines serving Sacramento Intl to Colombia

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Pros: "I liked the male flight attendants on my flight. They were nice and cheery and was always willing to help. The inflight entertainment and WiFi was great. The snacks were also good."
Cons: "I forgot to the flight attendant’s name but she was quite rude. I traveled with an infant who required warming up of her milk in a bottle and I would ask for hot water and she failed to bring it over. I requested hot water twice. Initially when the plane was taking off- she stated she cannot bring anything while the flight was taking off but even after take off and in cruising altitudes she did not come over until we rang the call bell and another flight attendant came over. Second time mid flight we happen to ask the same flight attendant for hot water as she passed by— she nodded her head but again never returned with the hot water. Again I hit the call button and another attendant came over and gave me water. I felt that she did not like attending to the flight guests and always seemed to give an attitude. I understand traveling with a child may be hard for others, but imagine the parents who have to care for a starving baby. The flight was also a bit too warm."

Pros: "Mostly loved the on time departure and early arrival!"

Cons: "Entertainment systems were very old. Some were not working. Old plane overall"

Cons: "There was no entertainment. I was in one of two seats I could see that didn't have the entertainment in the seat back working."

Cons: "1. Getting checked-in and a seat assignment, with my initial check-in with Iceland Air. 2. Getting a seat assignment before I arrived at the departure gate. 3. Having a Jet Blue employee at the baggage re-check counter."

Pros: "Seat very comfortable. Not much of a snack selection but it was free (-which is more than others offer)."
Cons: "Price and comfort really good. Cannot complain about anything. "

Pros: "Nice seats"
Cons: "Tv system didn’t work"

Cons: "Wasn't their fault but it was a pretty turbulent flight. It's winter and we flew NY to Costa Rica, this is expecteddue to the wind, in the winter, in warmer climates. you could tell the pilot was doing his best to avoid turbulence though & the staff were ultra professional."

Pros: "Crew was very good and seats were very comfortable"
Cons: "Hard to tell. It was a short flight"

Pros: "on time"
Cons: "I paid $10 for priority security, but when my ticket printed , it did not show up. Paid for nothing."

Pros: "Direct flight Sacramento to New York."

Pros: "I liked when I got endless emails of flight delayed."
Cons: "Delayed too many times."

Pros: "On time. Jet Blue is the best."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "Had booked Syracuse to Pittsburg to pick up new truck at Washington Ford. Truck never came in, despite being in transit for well over a month. Called Jet Blue the day before, and found change fee was more than cost of flight. Dealer said they'd cover, but I have no guarantee. Truck still not in. Can't book flight until in. Dealer not very communicative. The whole world is a mess. What can I expect?"
Cons: "Couldn't fly. Not Jet Blues fault."

Pros: "everything is easy. Good flight. Fun crew"

Pros: "Love JetBlue as a whole."
Cons: "My TV didn’t work."

Pros: "Tv and movie options"
Cons: "Boarding took forever because of miscommunication and a maintenance error. One of the flight attendants were rude. Seats were uncomfortable"

Pros: "Free movies, direct tv, snacks, and non alcoholic beverages. Flight crew was attentive and positive. We took the red eye flight."

Pros: "Fast boarding and departure."
Cons: "Tvs weren’t working for my kids. They tried resetting but no luck. Thank goodness it was a short flight."

Pros: "Best coach legroom of any airlinr."

Pros: "Entire process was great! From the employees at check in to the flight attendants. Always smiled and were very kind and eager to help."
Cons: "I reserved window seat. It’s been a long time since I flew and was really looking forward to looking out the window and down onto the beautiful Californian geography! Both my flight to and from Sacramento I reserved a window seat, and both flights my seating arrangements were changed due to the JetBlue Customer Service agent named Kathy."

Cons: "We arrived later for almost 2 hours"

Pros: "Non stop flight"
Cons: "Loudest airplane I've ever flown on! All though there is excellent leg room the seats were the most uncomfortable. "

Pros: "Seat was fine"
Cons: "Plane was blowing excessive amounts of cold air on my seat, and airflow could not be adjusted. I explained this would trigger a sinus infection, a common issue for those prone to sinus infections, not to mention it was simply uncomfortable. I asked for this to be addressed. It was not, despite I was told turning down the air might be possible. No follow up was provided. Sure enough, I now have s sinus infection."

Pros: "Quick boarding, on-time departure, early arrival, outstanding staff, and loved being able to watch a variety of channels during the flight. "

Cons: "No internet service No hot food"

Pros: "There was nothing that stood out in a positive way"
Cons: "We had to unboard the flight because the plane had no fuel or something, and the interior of the plane was very old and outdated. No charger ports for your phone, terrible tiny screen with very limited choices in television, etc"

Cons: "Plane was delayed 5 hours was there 2 hours prior of original flight time. 7 hours wasted, not happy with JetBlue at all."

Pros: "On time departure. Lot of seat room and good snacks."
Cons: "All was good. Just be sure the planes are ready to go bef it goes to the gate and passengers get in then to hear that there is a mechanical issue."

Pros: "Awesome stewardess, gave us a couple free drinks too!!"

Cons: "Our TV was out the whole time while everyone else was enjoying the entertainment."

Cons: "I waited three days for a flight to Portland, Maine. My first flight was cancelled due to weather. The next two days the same flight was cancelled again. When it did go, it was three hours late. Our flight ended up leaving at 3:00am. This is all excusable due to weather but I also lost my premium sat. The only seats available were the middle seats. I had booked early and had a great fee-free seat. I had to pay $75 to get a window seat. On the 1st leg of the trip they were 3 hours late coming out of Portland. I'm not flying JetBlue anymore. There are cheaper flights that fly during the day."

Pros: "Easy flight no stress loved it"

Pros: "The attendents were all very nice.. I loved the fact that we got snacks and beverages for free!nothing"
Cons: "Nothing was bad"

Pros: "The flight was comfortable, seat space is generous and overall a pleasant flight, on time, and easy."

Pros: "The service that JetBlue offers is always excellent. The seats were comfortable and the flight was timely. All in all an excellent representation of JetBlue's quality of service."
Cons: "I arrived at Fort Lauderdale Airport 55 minutes before my scheduled flight and was told that the flight was closed because I was not there at least an hour before the flight. On my boarding pass it listed the boarding time and the time the gate would close BUT no where did it stipulate the last time to check in. I do think in this situation, they could have accommodated me and perhaps gate checked my luggage. but that was not offered. I had checked in online, had my boarding pass but clearly did not allot enough time to get to the airport. Traffic, post Hurricane Irma is still unpredictable, but think there could have been a bit of "wiggle room" in the rule. JetBlue did book me on the next flight (the next day), but I was saddened to miss a day of holiday meeting my son in Cartagena."

Pros: "The crew and check in staff"
Cons: "I paid for the extra legroom. Legroom was ok but the seat was very uncomfortable no padding and my bottom fell asleep. Also I had no way of charging my phone. The controls for the in-flight entertainment didnt work."

Pros: "Helpful counter employees and friendly stewardesses"
Cons: "Late on takeoff, but made some time up."

Pros: "Easy. Friendly. Boarding from the back to the front so boarding is so quick."

Pros: "Seats were comfortable,"

Pros: "Snack food selection was good. Attendants were great. Check-in was awesome. Boarding/leaving the plane was fine. Wi-fi worked for me, as did the the TV."
Cons: "Honestly, on my flight, there were no problems at all."

Pros: "Good service amazing crew clean airplane good cleaning protocols"
Cons: "Everything was good"

Pros: "Feeling Covid safe."
Cons: "More attention to those not wearing masks properly ."

Pros: "Crew was awesome! Service was quick!"
Cons: "One flight the plane was quite warm and the air overhead was blowing warm air.. didn’t cool down until we were preparing to land and then it blew warm air out again.."

Cons: "I think all was very good"

Cons: "Flight delayed 2 hours. Wifi/entertainment wouldn't connect."

Pros: "The seats were comfortable"
Cons: "Why does Delta sell earphones?"

Pros: "Crew was very attentive"
Cons: "Delta staff at the airport JFK"

Pros: "Delta planes are spacious and great!"
Cons: "No complaints"

Pros: "Good crew"
Cons: "The WiFi didn’t work well"

Pros: "Airport accessibility"
Cons: "Not getting delayed for 20 minutes on the tarmac"

Pros: "There were minimal passengers on the flight so I was able to have the entire row to myself. The flight was also very short which is always nice."
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "the people were Awesome!!flight crew were very personable and easy to get along with, as well as get in touch with."
Cons: "where to start, I am not a huge overweight person. I have 26-28" shoulders and longer legs then most 5'-10" people have. That said, you should not be required to hold your arm out and hold the seat back in front of you so that you are not elbowing or shouldering the people beside you. sitting sideways on a seat I paid extra for doesn't seem like a great flight to me."

Pros: "The FA’s and pilot"
Cons: "I love the flight becayse it was smooth sailing and delta is always choice."

Pros: "Boarding was easy. Checking in was easy, the overall flight was quiet and quick and on time"
Cons: "Nothing to report here"

Pros: "Excellent flight crew, flight had decent leg room. Loved the inflight entertainment. Clean plane, boarding was easy."

Cons: "The flight was delayed 75 min because the plane wouldnt start. A differernt aircraft was needed to resume ops."

Pros: "Flight attendants we were very nice and efficient. Flight was short"

Pros: "Traveling with a 4 year old isn’t always easy. Delta’s flight attendants and the captains controlling the plane were excellent! Safe flight. And the entertainment that is provided for the customers is fun and relaxing. Makes a 4.5 hour flight go by quick. Thank you delta, I will be flying with you in the future"

Cons: "flight rerouted to LAX!"

Pros: "Everything went off without a hitch."

Pros: "The crew were so polite and happy!"
Cons: "Those seats! UGH!"

Pros: "Everything was great, flight attendants were awesome"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Flight attendant Gillian Awesome. Crew was fun and made my kids first flight great."

Pros: "Flight was comfortable. Short, sweet, and landed before I knew it. Boarding was a smooth process."
Cons: "The flight crew and service on the plane was fine. My biggest complaint was at the baggage drop off at the airport, where there was quite a long line without any crew members assisting us. A five to ten minute wait is fine, but a fifteen minute wait, with only three crew members compared to the other airlines? By the time I dropped off my baggage, the other airlines were finished with their customers, and there was still quite a line behind me."

Pros: "Barcelona is a busy place. Don't forget your adapter plugs - like I did."

Pros: "Received sky boarding despite having a seat near the front. I like the smaller plane because there was plenty more leg room where I was (9c). A variety of free snacks were offered along with starbucks coffee, score! I wish I'd brought my ipad to take advantage of the free wi-fi and movies in-flight. Take-off & landing were very smooth despite a delay upon take-off. Made my connecting flight with time to buy lunch."

Pros: "Smooth, easy, still long"
Cons: "Still long"

Pros: "Service was great, flight was excellent"
Cons: "Delay"

Pros: "Enjoyed food and movies.Woul"
Cons: "Would like more comedy or romance movies. Becky"

Pros: "For the first time in a ling time I felt if I dropped something I didn't have to kiss it goodbye. My knees and back didn't hurt by the end of the fight. I know longer felt like a sardines in a tin."

Pros: "Chicken kale salad was inedible. I did not know chicken had gristle!"

Cons: "Delays and ground chaos nearly caused us to miss our international connection. Gate staff unable to provide assistance with booking on connecting partner airline. Gate staff unaware of new terminal 3 to TBIT airside shuttle nearly directed us to leave domestic and requeue for international security. Will like skip Delta connectors to long haul international flights and just fly direct from SFO."

Pros: "Service in the flight !!"

Pros: "Reassuring that the airport desk staff were keeping an eye on my connection from LAX to Columbus. Turned out it was too tight of a squeeze and I missed the connecting airplane's door closing by a few minutes, despite having RUN through LAX to get there."
Cons: "I am disappointed by the lack of communication among Delta staff when we arrived at LAX. Our turn-around was late coming into SMF, thus late leaving. It would have been very helpful if the gate staff at LAX had advised me to not bother to try to make my connection, or called the next gate to tell them we were running over there. RUNNING. Or at least done something to act like they cared. I am disappointed by the lack of initiative. I understand flights cannot wait, and I would have greatly appreciated being saved the trouble of running to a different terminal and instead taking that time to change my travel plans. They may see travelers struggling like this daily, but to each traveler, a hiccup in travel plans trip is stressful and urgent. I ask Delta staff to please consider that when they come to work. Thank you."

Pros: "Met my cousins from Portland in SLC and killed layover time"

Pros: "Boarding was quick"
Cons: "Wi-go didn't really work- crew was unpleasant. We upgraded to first class we were never offered a drink. One of the flight attendants keep using the restrokm"

Pros: "The seats were comfortable, service was good, movie/entertainment selection great. Logistics for flight were awesome, there was no long layover."
Cons: "The extra fee for check-in baggage."

Pros: "Pilot has very smooth landing. Crew were nice"

Pros: "Lots of movies available!"
Cons: "One small bag bag of peanuts. "

Cons: "In a 6h flight, they only served drinks once. I saw the crew member once with a tray of glasses with water, but he ran out before getting to our seat and never came back. I was glad I hadn't finished a bottled water I had purchased earlier at the airport."

Cons: "in Amsterdam any DELTA crew helm us, only KLM"

Cons: "Flight was delayed. Delta doesn't challenge anyone who attempts to pre-board. It's become somewhat of a joke. The plane was hot (717) with very poor ventilation. Was in 1st class and didn't get beverage service after boarding. Then, the plane sat on a remote taxiway another 30 minutes before takeoff, fully loaded, no A/C, and still no beverage service. Truly miserable hot and sweaty flight."

Pros: "The crew wa very nice, food was very good for economy."
Cons: "The screen for the entertainment center wasn't working properly on the right side, but it was no big problem."

Pros: "I definitely like the variety of entertainment that was given throughout the flight."
Cons: "The flight attendant was so rude to others including myself. I'm not one to be to needy but when i was about to ask the lady if I can switch seats to the fair back where there was two empty seats she gladly let the other person but not me. She said no that if I wanted to sit back I needed to set with the other person. Our flight was from NYC to PR 5hour long and in between those hours she let a couple sit together on the other empty rows while I was feeling supper sick. Other passengers notice and had told me that they felt sorry for me. I was Embarressed. I was debating on venting on Twitter just yet and also on this review because what difference does it make. What matters the most is that we all got to our destination safely."

Cons: "the crew verifying that the passengers will use mouth covers during the flight"

Pros: "Nice and comfy seats"
Cons: "Don’t have long layovers"

Cons: "To have us sit together"

Pros: "Nice service but bad food. "
Cons: "Change the charges for the luggage when it is international and provide good quality food. "

Cons: "I reviewed the wrong one. My last comment and score was for this flight. My last flight even though the spaces were smaller I had no problems with my bag and it was a nice flight."

Pros: "I enjoyed the accommodations such as the ear phones and blankets. The entertainment was great."

Pros: "All waa good and timely. Comfortable and the crew very nice"
Cons: "I got home and my luggage had been all mixed up and they stole two watches. It’s sad that Aeromexico has employees who are thieves. It’s happened before and to many people I know. You should remedy this because it’s not right"

Pros: "Efficient boarding clean cabin"
Cons: "No food offered except chips, no entertainment on international flight"

Cons: "missing luggage for 2 days now. not Good. "

Pros: "Everything went smoothly except for the sprint to catch the flight out of Guadalajara to Mexico City. That connection was a little tight. The Aeromexico staff were helpful and friendly both on the ground and in the air."
Cons: "The sprint I had to run to catch the flight."

Cons: "I thought I had paid for my bag only to arrive at the airport and be told it was not paid I had agreed to one price and was charged another and on top of that to have to pay baggage fees. I will not be using your service again nor recommending your site."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everyone is so rude, they don’t care just a number to them."

Cons: "Flight delayed 7 hrs and the official website never updated to reflect the change. Called customer service twice and they had no clue. The last representative advised to be at the airport at the original departure time to make sure we spoke to someone there. That showed a lack of knowledge and trustworthiness. The airports official website also didn’t reflect the delay."

Pros: "Entertainment!"
Cons: "My flight was delayed and missed my connecting flight, they had me going all over LAX and took 3 hours to finally put me in a standby. Aeroméxico and Delta kept blaming each other and obviously I was really frustrated."

Pros: "Everything but the screaming babies was great."

Pros: "Friendly and efficient cabin crew, The crew flies Mexico-Portland and back, a long haul but maintaining attention and service all the way."
Cons: "Hassles at TSA, not the airline's fault."

Cons: "The boarding crew had a bad attitude and wasn’t helpful. Also, once on the plane, i asked a flight attendant for help putting my bag in the overhead compartment and he said “if you can’t lift it, then why did you bring it? You should’ve checked it in.” The flight crew doesn’t realize they’re there to help. Overall, terrible experience because of the flight crew and boarding crew. Oh And flight was delayed too."

Pros: "I didn't have a seat and was upgraded to first class, which was AMAZING."

Pros: "Everything was as expected."

Pros: "Everything was ok"
Cons: "That airline crew always with attitude.. but that’s ok I just feel they should work on that"

Pros: "I enjoyed the hot dinner with red wine."

Pros: "Food and entertainment was good, everyone was profesional"
Cons: "The waiting time when boarding"

Pros: "The plane/Pilot got us home."
Cons: "The seats were old and uncomfortable. The plane was old and had the drop down video screens. This was terrible- we couldn’t see the one closest to us, only the one further away. But any words on the further one, we couldn’t read. The staff on the plane were rude and made us seem like we’re a bother and unwelcome. We were scared to ask for anything."

Cons: "Que solo tengan cacahuates y el avión no tenía pinta de haber sido aseado antes de abordar"

Cons: "The bags took forever to come out and we missed our second flight. We didn't know we had to pick up our luggage to be put onto the next flight"

Pros: "I like that they came by for drinks and again for coffee."
Cons: "We took off nearly 30 minutes late. The seats are pretty small for a tall person. Food was a piece of bread, cheese, apple sauce, and chocolate. That's it. No in flight entertainment at all."

Pros: "No turbulence at all, smooth take off and landing."
Cons: "Knees hit the passenger seat in front of me. Hardly any leg room, we were all packed in like sardines."

Cons: "No solution was provided to travelers who needed to be at the destination on the originally scheduled date. Had to spend a fortune on another airline to get tinny destination as Aeromexico offered (and as of yet still has not) no solution"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "5 hours late and the worst customer service ever"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The unwillingness of the manager to help out a customer in distress."

Cons: "Had trouble getting movies in English"

Cons: "We had items stolen from two luggages. The were cell phones and the accessories plus some jewelry. These could have only been know by means of the security scans of the luggage. One item disappeared for a day. None of the other four were tapered with. I have contacted Aeromexico twice by email while in Mexico. The first time I was told someone would contact me and no one did. The second time there was no reply. I asked that some call be on my cell and I have received nothing."

Cons: "Basically I had 4h of connection in Mexico City and even so Aeromexico made me miss the flight to extort money. After arriving in Mexico City Took 1.5 hours to get the bags. Then another 0.5 h for re-inspection. After 2h they still had not set the boarding gate so I went to the international boarding area. As I was close the gates 30 min before boarding I decided to look for my gate and to my surprise they changed to the national boarding on the opposite side where it should be. I arrived at the gate 15 min before the scheduled departure time and the plane had already taken off without announcing my name! From that moment Aeromexico totally abandoned me! Basically the only solution they offered me was to buy a new ticket for Houston for $ 1,400.00 because there was no place on any flight! I missed my work day, my US phone did not work in Mexico City and I thought I had to sleep at the airport! Thank goodness the airport's consumer protection staff helped me a lot. They somehow managed an Aeromexico flight on the same day with no additional cost. The flight I got there were 4 empty seats and they were trying to charge me $1,400. Shame on you Aeromexico."

Cons: "100% of my flights on AeroMexico have been delayed by 1 hour or more. In one case recently by nearly 4 hours. That if milely my random experience it's still unacceptable, especially since they offer no apology or compensation."

Pros: "The flight departed more than 90 minutes late. Not impressive. No one ever explained the delay, so poor communication. The food was considerably better than the previous flight. Older plane so no movie selection. We appreciated the fact they did not lose our luggage on this journey."
Cons: "Overall, based on our experience to and from our destination, we will avoid Aeromexico in the future. The people are nice but it is a poorly managed airline. Too many headaches and surprises to justify any discount. We have flown many times internationally and therefore understand things are not always smooth. But there are too many problems with Aeromexico."

Pros: "The space on the seats was ok."
Cons: "Food was terrible and not enough on this flight."

Pros: "We arrived safely."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by an hour waiting on connecting passengers to clear customs. Boarding was disorganized and chaotic."

Pros: "la atención de la tripulacion muy buena, el vino Santo tomas muy bueno"
Cons: "El platillo principal de la cena dejaba un tanto que desear. La pechuga muy simple. Para ser de un chef le faltaba esmero."

Pros: "Most of the Staff was friendly"
Cons: "No wifi, some staff were oblivious of how often they hit you when walking through the plane disturbing you during the flight. I started to think it was intensional. But the other staff were wonderful."

Pros: "Clean everything! Didnt have traces of dirty fingers on screens, didnt feel germy,"
Cons: "Maybe some pillows offered would make better"

Pros: "The food service and entertainment."
Cons: "I had a car seat for my baby. It was one of the last thing to be put out in luggage. I would suggest for car seat, strollers ect. They be a priority to be sent out in luggage first since babies are being held by parents, i was traveling alone, with all other luggage waiting for over 30 min. It would be much more convinient"

Cons: "Ever since Delta acquired Aeromexico the airline went from good to really really bad. The flight attendants are rude and entitled, the service during the flight is non existent and overall how the airline manage itself leaves much to be desired. The worst thing about all this is that the fairs are expensive and the price is not worth it at all."

Pros: "Terrible because I was standing in the inner gate area waiting for my friend who had to run to immigration and the plane took off without anyone telling me. I was going to get on when it was ready to leave but didn't have the chance. When I went to the aeomexico ticket booth to get a new ticket they were going to charge me an exorbitant price so I went to American Airlines. I also had to sleep in Mexico City which cost Me an additional $550. All in all the missing of my flight cost me over $1000. I'm so mad about it. Lynn Fecteau 305-854-0891"

Pros: "thanks for the great service. "

Cons: "No comunication about flight changes, delays ant then double booked seat"

Pros: "Smooth as butter. Slept the whole way."
Cons: "Nothing could have improved it."

Cons: "After the flight was diverted due to Weather conditions I missed my connecting flight and American Airlines did a terrible job handling the changes and assisting their customers at DFW airport."

Pros: "It was fine the next leg of the trip was cancelled"

Pros: "Crew was amazing, seating too crowded"
Cons: "Consider removing seats to add more space per seat"

Pros: "That I was FINALLY able to get to my destination after a THREE AND HALF HOUR DELAY. Mechanical malfunctions, Get crew unable to find the pilots once the mechanical malfunction was corrected, sitting on the plane for an hour waiting for some "guy" to be located who went missing who was responsible for our weight to certified for flight. I didn't like anything."
Cons: "Everything."

Cons: "Flight attendants were NOT personal at all. Did not say hello or even greet passengers. Totally acted like they did not want to be there. Made me feel like we were nothing but a bother to even.be there. Hate all the interruptions advertising the credit card. Very annoying!"

Pros: "Seat uncomfortable. AA put me on a middle seat in my last 4 trips. I will never fly with AA."
Cons: "Better seat options."

Pros: "Short flight."
Cons: "Flight got delayed several times. Had to reschedule flight."

Pros: "Staff was helpful throughout the flight. I like being kept updated on arrival time etc."

Pros: "Fast friendly service. From the security line to the friendly employees at AA. It was simple and fast."

Pros: "This was our first time flying Avianca. The flight attendants were attentive and helpful!! We will definitely fly Avianca again to Colombia!"

Pros: "Delayed on the runway but overall good and smooth"
Cons: "Flight service was ok"

Pros: "Booked through Kayak. Confusing because paperwork says Alaska Air but I was flying American. I understand subsidiaries but you need to be informed as the airlines are at different terminals. The flight was great. That ticketing glitch was bad."

Pros: "Good choice of movies."

Cons: "I need to be able to charge my phone on the airplane!"

Cons: "You better hope you don't have a short connection. Sacramento fails to allow you direct access between the A and B terminals. You have to leave and hunt for the other building through the parking garage with no guidance and then go back through security. Unacceptable!"

Pros: "Food & Entertainment were good. Thankfully the crew seemed to have waited for us."
Cons: "We were late, so some guy took my seat. Attendant was annoyed that I didn't just take any open seat. I wanted the seat I purchased, near my wife. The other passenger didn't gain anything by taking my middle seat as he travelled alone."

Pros: "Everything else was great - including rest of crew"
Cons: "plane departure was delayed after boarding because the pilot hadn't arrived from local residence or hotel to SFO in time - as a result we sat on tarmac for half hour or more before departure AND because we arrived late we sat on tarmac for awhile waiting for an arrival gate to open at DCA"

Cons: "No entertainment in Business/First and no USB plugs or outlets. Only difference between Business and coach is the size of the seats. The rest was the same. I expected more service, food of some sort and entertainment or connectivity. I will probably avoid flying American if I can help it unless I see that they have updated things."

Pros: "Everything was great. I didn't have any food or drink. I slept the whole way to Dallas"

Pros: "It has been a good experience! Kayak kept updating me about gates and terminals for my connecting flights. "

Pros: "Everything went smoothly"

Pros: "Adequately handled the 13 hr delay."
Cons: "Flight delayed 13 hrs for mechanical problems. Seems to be an ongoing problem w/ American Airlines now."

Pros: "We were delayed because of weather yet the crew kept us aware of what was going on and still got us there on time. Great crew. Very polite and professional."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "Quick and smooth flight."

Pros: "Roomy first class and very nice staff!"

Cons: "No volé en LATAM si no en AA y en esta compañía al principio no sabían sobre mi reserva y cuando si, no pude hacer el checking online, sino solo en el aeropuerto , en ambos vuelos"

Cons: "significant delay in boarding return to terminal to remove a drunk. Result was missed connection at DFW to London, resulting in missed connection to Munich resulting in loss of my checked luggage"

Cons: "Check in through website was confusing to do. Flight shows on alaska airlines sight as a united flight. I downloaded the united app, and it tells me my flight is not just through american airlines, but through another carrier, american freedom or aomething like that. Very confusing. I called someone, I think american airlines, by this time completely confused. If there are multiple carrier types, I should be able to input my flight number and my info ahould come up for me to view flight info and check in, or seat assignment. In the end I dowloaded 2 or 3 apps, a confusing phone call, and when i got to rhw intial check in I was not treated well by tsa personnel. Maybe my name triggered thw extra search or something.Anyway, that last part is unrelated but my return flight was kind of a struggle."

Pros: "Flight attendants were awesome, aircraft was clean and seats were great."

Pros: "The free movies and plug in phone charger . "
Cons: "No problems or worries from me"

Pros: "The crew, the fabulous plane with USB ports and free movies"
Cons: "It would have been nice to have ear phones for the movies."

Cons: "Didn't even get on the flight due to delay out of KSMF and I talked to the ticket lady and this has been happening very regularly due to runway construction in Phoenix. Yet the airline won't let you know or change the schedules they just take your money knowing they will likely not be able to deliver the desired product."

Pros: "The flight to my destination was awesome. Helpful staff, great equipment, and plenty of room. I loved the technology in the seats."
Cons: "The return flight was not so good. I felt like an inconvenience and was not treated very well. At one point I was dismissed by an airline associate with a swish of her hand. Not exactly how anyone should be treated. There was a nice man that was a flight attendant, but other than that it was as if they were irritated people were even on the flight."

Cons: "They were out of snacks. A little thing but got under my skin as unprofessional."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight is really late causing missed connection"

Cons: "I paid $25 fo my luggage. I don't like it next time I will choose another company."

Pros: "Non-stop and comfort"
Cons: "No snacks at all :("

Cons: "A few crew members was rude"

Pros: "Excelente la atención y los servicios prestados por la tripulación"

Cons: "Taking a flight on American Airlines when I booked one on Alaska was confusing. Not clear disclosed at the time of purchase. And hard to notice on conformation email."

Pros: "Complimentary upgrade to first class"

Pros: "While waiting to board an American pilot sat next to me and was very pleasant. I appreciated his conversation."
Cons: "Delayed getting out of Sacramento. The connection anxiety was intense. we landed as my connection was boarding. De-planing was chaotic and un informed. Seemed like we stood a good 10 mins before the doors opened. some info would have helped. Sometimes they give the gate numbers and everybody on that plane needed to go somewhere. the attendants were not helpful, the one announcer had an accent, a little hard to understand and asked that we all be kind. ok that I can do."

Cons: "The connection time at the Dulles airport was ridiculous. To get from gate C to A in 20 minutes was difficult and I almost missed my flight"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They didnt take care of us. aftee the airplane was delay for almost 4 hours, and told us that must of the people.were traveling.by car from sacramento to san francisco to take the other airplane didnt even gave us anothee option!!"

Pros: "Nothing, worst airline ever"
Cons: "They didnt take care of us. aftee the airplane was delay for almost 4 hours, and told us that must of the people.were traveling.by car from sacramento to san francisco to take the other airplane didnt even gave us anothee option!!"

Cons: "I couldn’t check in for my flights ahead of time because the check in system from United and Copa airlines didn’t accept my reservation details. My first flight from Sacramento to San Francisco with United was cancelled and I was not informed until I arrived at the gate for check in. United wanted to rebook me on a flight to Los Angeles and Newark which would have been a delay of 10 hours. After security I had to go to the gate of a delayed flight to San Francisco and ask that they put me back on my original itinerary"

Pros: "On time, smooth"
Cons: "Arriving in LAX with no gate to pull up to. When will United fix this decades-long defficiency?"

Cons: "Flight was delayed by 5 hours."

Pros: "Quick and easy"
Cons: "Plan on wearing your running shoes. United is bad at giving you a lay over that is almost impossible to make. 45 minutes or less for a layover is going to give u a pretty good chance to miss your flights. We went to LAX and had to run from terminal 8 to 7. If it were long we would have missed it.."

Cons: "The fact that you have to download an app to get any kind of entertainment on United is a bit ridiculous. Plus the food offerings are poor at best."

Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "There was absolutlely no food. Not eve a bag of peanuts."

Pros: "Service on Lufthansa is better than most us carriers"
Cons: "The gate agent did notice I was changing carrier but did not distinguish my bag at Check in"

Cons: "only pretzel, no nuts as option"

Pros: "Flights were on time"
Cons: "There’s a fee for everything. Check a bag, pay a fee. Need a snack, pay a fee, watch a movie, pay a fee. What’s next? Charge a fee for toilet paper?"

Cons: "Early morning flight and the crew ran out food before they got to row 12."

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "None for this flight."

Pros: "Great stewardess"
Cons: "Entirely too hot in the plane"

Pros: "I liked nothing about this airline"
Cons: "I was not able to board the fist flight because i got there one hour before the flight left. I drove 2 hours to catch my second plane and because i did that my entire ticket was cancel forcing me to pay $341.00 to purchase another ticket"

Pros: "Love business class on the 757"

Cons: "Card reader for direct tv didn't work"

Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "Multiple delays, rerouted 2 times, multiple seat changes"

Pros: "Good leg room"
Cons: "The first class experience was very sub par we did not feel we got our money's worth"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "2 minutes past when they began to board no effort to try to help with getting on or another flight. Had plenty of time to get through security no call no assistance to find another flight NOTHING! No care to help."

Cons: "Very negative about this company they did two times cancelation, at first was problem with lights in plane and we stay over an hour, then they say that the airplain has mechanical problems and we waited about one more hour, then they returned us to airport and we waited one more hour, finally after 3 hours they start to board us but service was horrible so rod boarding people. So I hade meeting with singing contract in the morning, I was late contract cancelled and I lose my money. The company did not any compensation. I'm so Negative, negative, about this company, not recommended will never have again"

Pros: "Late boarding, ZERO ENTERTAINMENT when you can pay the same price for American that provides television, old uncomfortable seating."
Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Great service!!"
Cons: "The connection flight from Chicago to Munich was delayed by 3 hours & the flight from munich to Ancona was delayed by 6 hours."

Pros: "This portion of my journey was fine."
Cons: "I have zero idea why your entertainment set up wont work on android devices. that sucked!"

Cons: "Long delay due a wheelchair. Really? You've never had a wheelchair on board before? Yes, this one did have batteries, but is that so unusual? Our delay was over an hour."

Pros: "On time departures and early arrivals"

Pros: "Connecting could hardly be any easier than at DEN--you get off your plane and you turn right or you turn left. No need to find a map of the airport no need to figure out whether walking or taking the "trA'Am" would be faster no need to catch a bus or go through security just one (long) concourse."
Cons: "While connecting at DEN is easy, I wish there were more outlets for recharging my phone on the B concourse (like WN has on the C concourse). I wouldn't have gotten too much of a boost, though, as both of my flights were on time."

Cons: "I didn't like hearing the overhead storage will soon cost."

Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "Have to pay for movies/ shows"

Cons: "Three rolling delays in departure, and we landed the ground crew couldn't find stairs for us to deplane. Waited 30-minutes til we finally used the plane's stairs. Sigh- just makes one wonder about their commitment to getting flight ops right. "

Cons: "WIFI was a rip-off. Paid for an hour, only got 15 minutes"

Pros: "The flight & crew were great"
Cons: "A cookie? C'mon man. I couldn't download the United app & didn't know I had to."

Cons: "One member of the crew was rude, advise if you dislike your job quit and find another!"

Pros: "Ran on time."
Cons: "Sitting next to a larger gentleman which boxed out my own personal space. Having to stow my suitbag in an overhead bin several rows behind me."

Cons: "The man who reprinted my boarding pass after I had left no e at security was extremely rude. I also found it ridiculous that I was charged to check my bag at the gate because it was about a half inch longer than the bin. Yes I understand there are size limits on carry on luggage but the plane was not even half full and the bag was clearly a standard carry on size. If anything, I should have been permitted to gate check the bag."

Pros: "The plane was clean, comfortable and seemed to have a bit more room. The staff was professional and courteous."
Cons: "The plane was 2hrs delayed but that was due to weather. The food was over priced and not good."

Cons: "They did no seat anyone in the safety exit row because they were charging $69 to do so. This is a great hazard in case of an emergency there would be no one to open the aircraft exit door and allow people to exit. Rather, it would cause a stir and a bottleneck of people rushing in an attempt to open a door that is far away. Very disappointed."

Pros: "On time, great service"
Cons: "Plane was full. Legroom poor, as I am 6'2". But I was give an isle seat as requested , so able to stretch a little."

Pros: "The plane was new"
Cons: "Won't let you check in in advance so they can give you a terrible seat for a 12 hour flight. They won't even let you check in from the point of departure if it's with one of their partners. They also will do everything in their power to not give award miles to pattern airline clubs. It doesn't matter if you give them your United number and even register your United number with the flight for United. They will apply it to the Lufthansa Club and pretend it was just in the state and never actually give you the miles no matter how many times you try. This is not from one experience with Lufthansa / Austrian. I've had this experience many times with every flight I take with these terrible Airlines. I would never fly lifthansa unless it's at least $200 cheaper than any of their competitors."

Pros: "that they warned me the plane was extra small and checked my carry-on at the gate for free."
Cons: "that they didn't really advertise how small of a plane I would be flying. I guess you're supposed to research every plane before purchasing tickets now."

Pros: "Easy going"
Cons: "Paying for food and entertainment, should be included in the ticket."

Pros: "Nothing at all Delta is very reliable the people that work for Delta are very nice the people that work for United have a lot to learn they need training learn how to talk to passengers I was called a third-grader just because I didn't know where my seat was very irritating"
Cons: "Nothing whatsoever I would never fly United ever again not when there's Delta Delta is very friendly United is not friendly at all the people are very rude it seems like they don't want to mess with nobody this is a very big mess"

Cons: "we were an hour late"

Pros: "Flight quick, everything went smooth. Staff was helpful and friendly."
Cons: "No negative comments."

Pros: "Everything went well great service on both flights"
Cons: "N/A"

Ready for takeoff?

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Kids Activities To Do on an Airplane

  1. The first thing I purchased for the plane trip was The Artful Parent's Travel Pack. I have worked with Jean a number of times, and I love her creativity and spark for art. Both of my kids love art, so I bought this pack to put in their storage clipboards with some fun colored pencils. I'm also going to throw in this colored pencil sharpener because I love it. - We have this game for car trips and LOVE it. In fact, Joe and I kept playing long after the girls lost interest. I didn't know there was a version for the airport and airplane and found it quite by accident. But I am super excited to play this with the girls in September. - Do all kids go gaga over pipe cleaners the way mine do? I don't know, but I assure you that I am packing this set of pipe cleaners for our flight. My girls make bracelets and necklaces and animals and crowns and all kinds of crazy sculptures when they get a pack of pipe cleaners. They use them in short order which is why I chose such an enormous pack for the plane ride.
  2. CozyPhones - We are flying JetBlue which apparently has in-flight tv with all kinds of channels as well as several kid-friendly movie choices. My kids are screen addicts, and I expect that these options will really interest them. However. If you don't bring your own headphones, you will pay a ridiculous price on the airplane for a pair. CozyPhones reached out to me to review their product, and my girls are totally in love with them. Allie ordered the unicorn design and Grace ordered the leopard. My only caveat to you is that the kids size was much too small for Allie's normal 6-year-old head, so I think it would probably be best for a toddler or preschooler. She liked the unicorn so much that I bought a piece of fleece and did a little surgery on it to make it fit her. She's now happy as a clam and wears the CozyPhones almost every day when she watches Minecraft YouTube videos while I work. The adult size fit Grace nicely. She is 10. I didn't try them on because I have an unusually large head and didn't want to stretch the headband out. - This may seem like a strange thing to bring on the airplane, but it is fun to make necklaces and bracelets out of paper clips. It may not keep your kids busy for an hour, but it is fun and passes the time. If you buy a colored set like this one, you can work with patterns and make the making even more fun. - I don't know how practical this is for an airplane, but my kids love popping bubbles on bubble wrap, and I think this is another diversion that wouldn't take up much room but would provide some entertainment during some downtime, especially if you hear the dreaded, "I'm bored with this." - Rubber stamps are always a hit, especially if you include the colored pencils I mentioned earlier. What I love about the Melissa & Doug sets is that they all come in a wooden storage box, they all come with a nice stamp pad, and they are all thematic. They have tons of different themes to choose from ranging from princess to cars and everything in between. We have several of these at home, and I am packing one set for each girl to play with on the plane trip.
  3. Usborne Wipe-Clean books - Allie LOVES these wipe-clean books from Usborne. She traces letters and numbers, she does mazes and dot to dot puzzles, and she doodles. We have a ton of them being that I sell Usborne books, and we are going to have a big dilemma in choosing only a couple to pack in our carry-on luggage. Each of the books comes with a wipe-clean pen, but if you lose them, any dry erase markers will work. - While I'm on the topic of Usborne books, let me tell you about the awesome sticker books we carry. We have search and find sticker books,sticker books where you make a scene, sticker books where you build your own car/robot/dinosaur/train/truck, sticker books where you can decorate a doll house, sticker books for toddlers and preschoolers, books of 1000 stickers, sticker mosaic books, and (my girls' favorite) sticker dolly dressing. There are tons of options in each category, and I honestly think that activity books like these sticker books are one of the things that Usborne does best. - Allie is really into mazes, and her favorite is this Big Maze Book which we are most definitely taking on the plane.
  4. Usborne picture puzzles - My girls love the picture puzzle books from Usborne, too. They come in all kinds of different themes, and each page has dozens of interesting pictures and somethings to find, like pictures of tigers in all positions and sizes, and you have to find the tiger with blue eyes. There are several things to find on each 2-page spread. - This is another Usborne activity book and, as the title would suggest, it is full of things like hangman, battleship, and 4-in-a-row, all pencil puzzles and activities that will keep kids busy for a long time.
  5. Uno Splash - These unique Uno cards are made of a thin plastic, so they are water proof. We have had a set for many years, and they are virtually indestructible. - I would say that this is my girls' favorite card game, no competition. We play it every single day either before work or after work or during lunch. We like it so much that we recently invested in a second set of cards - the ones I've linked about come in a tin (very nice!) and have 4 extra queens (check out the book queen!). You can't go wrong with this game, and we will most certainly be bringing it on the plane. - Scattergories and Scrutineyes are my all-time favorite family games, but neither is good for an airplane. The makers of Scattergories have come out with a card game that is a perfect travel game, though, and I ordered it not too long ago. The premise is the same as the original game, but you turn over a set of cards (like Animal - T) and the first person to think of something for that set gets to keep the cards.
  6. Travel magna doodle - These are great for no mess drawing and writing, especially for younger kids. Allie enjoys practicing letters and words, so I might bring this along for her.
  7. Boogie Board - My sister got the girls Boogie Boards for Christmas a few years ago, and they were a big hit. They're basically like grown up versions of the magna doodle - you write on them with a stylus, press a button, and whatever you wrote disappears. They are smaller and slimmer than a magna doodle which also makes them a nice option for traveling. - These are dice that you roll and then tell a short story using the pictures that come up. It's a very small thing to bring along on the plane and will encourage creativity and story telling in your kids. I linked to a multi-pack set, but you can also buy them individually. (But be warned - once you have one set, you will want more! I think we have four or five of them.) - We have had this set for years and years, and Grace has never gotten tired of them. You deal out a few picture cards from the set and, like the story cubes above, you tell a story using those scenes. The stories are different every time, and sometimes the pictures aren't related at all. It's really fun and usually silly, too. - Origami is easy and fun to do, and Grace loves it. I ordered this kit for her to do on the plane because it is small enough to fit in her carry-on and will keep her busy forever. If you do go this route, make sure you also print off some extra instructions from a site like Origami Club.
  8. Bananagrams - This is like a travel version of Scrabble. You take turns building words from letter tiles. Grace is finally old enough to play with me. Appletters is a version for younger kids, and Pairsinpears is a different word game but also made by the company that makes Bananagrams.
  9. Snacks - Make sure you pack lots of kid-friendly snacks for the plane, as much as 1 snack per hour. Your kids are going to be bored, and having a little snack will keep them occupied and happy for a little while.
  10. Skipbo or Skipbo Junior - This is another game we play almost every day. Allie is totally in love with Skipbo Junior, and Grace likes to play the original version. We have actually had to buy Skipbo Junior three separate times, because Allie takes it everywhere with her, and we have lost it. - There are about a million different versions of Spot It, but they're all basically the same. You turn over two cards and the first person to find the one and only picture on both cards gets to keep them. I have played this with kids and adults, and it is always fun. If you read the enclosed instructions, there are a bunch of different ways to play. We are definitely bringing a couple of these on the plane. They fit in the palm of your hand and are a perfect travel game. Spot It Spalsh is a waterproof version which is awesome for vacation. - Say what you will about fidget spinners, but they are small and do keep kids occupied for a long time. The one I linked is the one I bought for my girls. It is a little more expensive than the ones you can buy at the checkout at pretty much every store on the planet, but they spin forever - up to 3 minutes - and they do not come apart at all. Plus, if you buy the green one like I did, they will glow in the dark.
  11. Gel clings from the dollar store - You know those jelly window stickers? They work on airplane windows. - I know these are expensive, but they are also small and portable. If you have kids who like imaginative play (and what kid doesn't?), they will make a very nice addition to your carry-on. The ones I linked are dogs, but there are also cats, squirrels, bunnies, koalas, hedgehogs, and a bunch of other animals. They are really cute and well made, too. - Grace got Pop Arty beads for Christmas which are amazing. They are big, lots of different shapes, colors, and patterns, and both Grace and Allie love playing with them. Unfortunately, they will take up a lot of valuable luggage space. So I found very similar beads that are much smaller for the plane ride. Those are the ones I linked above. - These are a lot like pipe cleaners, but they are waxy. My girls like them a lot, so I found a travel pack that includes lots of stix in a case for easier transport. - This game always seems to take forever which makes it great for killing time on an airplane! It's another great card game that everyone can play together. I found an awesome tin that contains Phase 10, Uno, and another game I've never heard of called Snappy Dressers. I'm all about card games in tins because the tin protects the cards and also makes them easier to put away. I hate all those little boxes. - I love Yahtzee, and it's a great game to play with kids since it's mostly based on luck. This set comes in a cup to keep the dice together, and also to allow kids to shake the dice more easily.
  12. Kanoodle - My kids love Kanoodle! It comes in a little container which makes it nice for traveling. Basically, you have these little Tetris-like shapes that you have to fit together to make other, larger shapes. It's much harder than it sounds and keeps my kids going for a long time. - This is another game we play all the time. We all love the little piggies and rolling and adding up our points and risking it all to roll again. The girls love it, and Joe loves it, and I love it. And best of all, it comes in a tiny little carrying case which makes it perfect for traveling. - This is a lot like Pass the Pigs except with counting. You roll the dice and earn points and can keep going until you either lose all your points or decide to end your turn. It's small and compact which makes it nice for traveling.
  13. Left-Right-Center - My in-laws turned us on to this game which is another dice game. You roll the dice and have to give away your chips based on what you roll. It's really fun. The only bad thing is that the minimum number of players is 3, so we won't be able to play it on our trip, but if you have 3 sitting together, it would be perfect. It comes in a little tin. - We haven't ordered this yet, but my kids really want one. It's a board that has little balls inside, and you use the stylus to poke them up or down in a design. It's very sensory as the balls come up, and you can feel your designs as well as seeing them, and it's all contained in a plastic case with no parts to lose.
  14. National Geographic Kids books - Grace loves these books. There are all kinds, but her favorites are the Almanac, Why?, and The Ultimate Weird but True. They make books for little kids and big kids and on all different topics, but Allie has never gotten into them. and a tape book or cut out shapes to tape or plain white paper. Like pipe cleaners, my girls are gaga over washi tape. Any tape really, as they constantly steal my Scotch tape, too, but washi tape is more fun. They will happily tape any surface with pretty colors, and I found this tape set from Amazon to be quite economical.
  15. Scratch art papers or a scratch art book. We've never tried plain scratch art paper, but my girls adore the Scratch and Sketch books that I linked. We probably have had ten of them over the years and they never disappoint. We will definitely be bringing one for each girl on the plane. - I don't think my kids have ever seen a koosh ball which might make for a fun and interesting toy on the plane. I can see us playing catch with them (maybe even over the seat back?) and having a good time. Bonus is that the scrunch up to practically nothing, so they won't take up any space in their carry-ons. - My kids love squishies. I don't really get the fascination personally, but I guess it is a sensory thing. I'm sure they will both have one in their carry-ons because they constantly travel with them.
  16. 3x5 index cards - I don't know what it is about index cards that inspires kids to draw and write, but they do. My girls will draw and write endlessly on a stack of index cards, making houses, animals, greeting cards, and writing letters to everyone they know. Allie likes to practice writing words and numbers and math problems. I have linked to blank, unruled cards to make them more inviting. - There are tons of different Where's Waldo books, and I'm sure you had them when you were a kid. They're still the same: you look for a goofy little guy in a striped shirt amongst all sorts of other people. They keep kids entertained for a long time.
  17. Mad Libs - There are Mad Libs on nearly every topic under the sun. As I scrolled through the page I linked, I saw Mad Libs Junior, Star Wars Mad Libs, Meow Mad Libs, The Dog Ate My Mad Libs, and my favorite Vacation Mad Libs.
  18. Find It Games - I first saw these at our pediatrician's office, and I thought they were brilliant. I'm sure you could make your own, but I'd rather buy it and save the trouble. It's a big tube full of little colored balls and tiny little shapes, things like a die, a jack, a feather, a baseball, a penny and much, much more. I counted 12 different versions of this game and, although I linked to the original version, there is a beach one, a starry night, an America one, and more. I'm seriously thinking about investing in one of these for our trip.
  19. Disney tic tac toe - Allie loves tic tac toe. She will play easily for 15 minutes or longer, so I bought her a personalized tic tac toe game with Minnie Mouse on the bag. It's really cute, comes with a carrying bag, and is small enough to pack.
  20. Rush Hour - I first saw this game when Grace's occupational therapist brought it to the house. It's a puzzle game that has cards that get progressively harder. Each card shows you different configurations of the cars on the grid, and you have to figure out how to get the red car out of the maze each time by sliding the other cars around. It can get quite challenging even for me! - This is a small, fun, and quick game that involves reading. On each card, there are different words written in a circle. The players have to figure out what the word is and call it out to win the card.
  21. A peg game - This is the original triangle game that you play with golf tees. You have to jump the pegs one over the other until you hopefully get down to one peg. This particular game has a little cup to hold the pegs until you are finished playing, so you don't have to worry about them rolling around and getting lost under your seat. - Allie loves Snakes & Ladders so much I made her a printable game. But the game that I linked to is a magnetic version that keeps the pieces safely attached to the game board. It's about 7 inches square, so it's a great size for an airplane tray.
  22. Sticky Mosaics - Both Grace and Allie went through a phase where they loved these. They're pictures printed on a piece of heavy cardboard, and each picture has little empty squares all over it. The kids peel square-shaped stickers off of sticker paper and transfer them to the squares on the picture. When they're finished, they have a slightly odd picture of whatever it's supposed to be. What kid doesn't like playing with stickers? They also take a long time, making them a perfect airplane activity when broken up with something else on and off.
  23. Stained Glass Made Easy - Grace LOVES these kits, and Allie has really gotten into them lately as well. They are made by Melissa & Doug, so you know they are nice quality products. Basically, you get a clear sheet in a frame, and the clear sheet has a design printed on it. You also get a sheet of transparent stickers that you apply to the correct sections of the clear sheet. - If your kids like to play chess (or you're willing to teach them), this is a great chessboard to bring on the plane. It folds in half, and the pieces store inside it. The pieces are big enough to really play and understand but small enough to fit in the folded board. Also, Usborne has a great book for kids to learn to play chess called The Chess Book.
  24. Hangman from Melissa & Doug - We have had this hangman board for years and years and love it. Both of my girls love to play hangman and, although Allie only knows 3-letter words, she makes it work. This will be great on the plane. - We all love Grace's huge spirograph set, and this smaller, self-contained travel set is perfect for an airplane! Even Allie likes to make designs with the big set, so I know she will be excited to play with this on our trip. If you get this, go ahead and get a big package of white Post-It Notes which are the perfect size for refilling the paper. You'll probably also want to get a package of fun colored Pilot G2 gel pens or Flair felt-tipped markers to go along with it. - Fashion Plates are awesome, and this kit is the best! Even though it's not specifically for travel, all the pieces fold up inside a nifty carrying case that is fairly small. We've had it for a year or so, and Allie plays with it often. - This is one of a series of Games to Go board books. Each one has a dry erase surface that allows you to play over and over. Other themes in the series include America, Fairies Mermaids and Princesses, and Super Silly. You'll probably want to pick up some dry erase markers to go with these. - This is a small activity book from Melissa & Doug that can be easily packed. There are several different packs to choose from, but each one centers around a mystery to solve. They are packed full of activities and come with a secret decoder and a spy pen. - These are for the younger end of elementary kids, but they are really nice. There are tons of these including the pet store set I linked to, mermaids, pirates, safari, farm, horses, glamour, and many more. They're fairly inexpensive, too, so if your kid loses some of the stickers, it won't be a big deal.
  25. Mess-Free Glitter Activity Kits - My kids love glitter, and I HATE it. Our house is messy, and once glitter gets into the mix, it is impossible to get out. It just floats around for years. These mess-free glitter activity kits are awesome though because they glitter is totally contained. There is no loose glitter anywhere! They still get to make pretty, sparkly designs, but there is no mess at all. The one I linked is an under the sea design, but there are also flowers, butterflies, dinosaurs, princesses, vehicles, more ocean creatures, and tons more. My only caution to this recommendation is that there are only 2 sheets per package, so if you think your kids will really like these, buy more than one set. - I'll be honest and say that this is not my favorite game, but my kids both love it so I had to include it. You get 6 dice with different doodles on them, and you have to match them up with cards to snag one of each color card. My kids like it so much that they play it with each other without me which is a big score. It comes in a huge box, but the actual game is very small and could be easily packed.
  26. Sweet Logic - This is a single player brain teaser game where you have cards that give you clues as to the arrangement of the candies, and then you have to figure out exactly where they all go. It's fun and builds logic and spatial awareness skills.
  27. Go Nuts! - This is a super fun super small dice game where you roll to collect acorns. If you roll cars or squirrels, you don't get any points. And if you roll all squirrels, you go nuts which means you have to roll as many acorns as possible before all the other players roll dogs on their special dog dice. - This is another dice game similar to Yahtzee but improved according to the Amazon reviews. I've not personally played this one, but I have heard recommendation after recommendation from bloggers. It's very small and easily packed. I'm going to get this soon to bring along.
  28. Cardline or Timeline - These are cards that you have to put in order. It's a neat game that teaches along the way. There are many different varieties that you can play alone or combine them all together for a real challenge. The cards are tiny - about half the size of a regular deck of cards - so they are very easy to bring in your carry-on luggage.
  29. Rat a Tat Cat- This is a card game where you have 4 cards face down, and you have to draw new cards to replace yours to get the lowest score possible. It's really good for memory and number skills, and it's small and easy to pack. I like this game a lot.

I'm actually looking forward to our plane ride thanks to all these games and diversions! What are you going to take on your airplane trip?

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