Blueberry jam

Ingredients for Making Blueberry Jam

  1. Blueberries 1 kg
  2. Sugar 850 grams
  3. Water 350 milliliters
  • Main ingredients: Blueberry, Sugar
  • World Cuisine


Colander, Cooker, Pots, Tablespoon, Reservation Key, Deep Plate, Scoop, Glass Jars, Lids, Pure Gauze, Saucer

Making blueberry jam:

Step 1: prepare the berries.

We carefully sort the blueberries from spoiled, overripe berries and carefully pour them into a large deep plate or bowl. Fill the berries with water, mix several times with your hands so that twigs, leaves or any other unnecessary garbage emerge and drain the water. After pour the blueberries into a colander and rinse under running water. In the meantime, excess liquid flows from the berries and proceed to the preparation of sugar syrup.

Step 2: boil the syrup.

We pour 350 milliliters of water into a clean pot, put on a stove, turn on the temperature to medium and bring the liquid to a hot state. Then pour the sugar and stirring with a wooden kitchen spatula, bring to a boil. Cook sugar syrup for 2 to 3 minutes, while all sugar grains should completely dissolve.

Next, we put a saucepan on the next burner, in which we will cook the jam. For these purposes, use a stainless steel or enameled pan, but it is better to refuse aluminum or copper. Close the pan with clean gauze folded in several layers, preferably 4 and pour the hot syrup.

Step 3: Cooking Blueberry Jam

Turn the temperature of the stove to a low level and bring the filtered syrup to a boil. After spread the blueberries, mix with a kitchen spatula and start cooking jam. The resulting foam must be removed with a tablespoon, through 5 - 7 minutes slightly increase the temperature of the plate and cook the berries yet 20 - 25 minutes until jam is completely ready.
But to understand when it is ready, you can for several reasons. So, we collect a little berry syrup, drip on a saucer and look, if the liquid does not keep its shape and spreads, then we continue to cook jam, if the drop keeps its shape, check further. Foam should be collected in the center of the pan, while not diverging around the edges and the berries themselves are distributed evenly over the entire volume of the container, rather than accumulating on the surface. If all these signs coincided, you can turn off the burner, because the jam is ready.
Last time we remove the foam from the finished jam and you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4: pour the jam into the banks and twist.

We pour hot jam with a scoop into sterilized glass jars, cover with clean lids and tightly tighten with a preservation key. Then we turn them upside down and put on any towel to cool to room temperature.

After that, you can rearrange the cans in a cool, well-ventilated, dark room or put in a closet. Everything, blueberry jam for the winter is ready.

Step 5: serve blueberry jam.

We open a jar with our delicious berry jam, pour it into beautiful bowls, put teaspoons next to it and serve with a cup of aromatic tea. Our blueberry jam can be served with cottage cheese, pancakes or pancakes, ice cream, various sweet rolls, as well as a loaf or French baguette. Jam can also be added to various pastries, for example, in pies and served with milk.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- In order to keep the jam fresh longer, it can be pasteurized. To do this, put jars of jam in a pan, cover them with lids and pour water so that it does not pour into jars when cooking. We cook them for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the volume of the cans, and only after that we twist the jam with a preservation key.

- The key to long preservation is sterility, therefore it is necessary to thoroughly wash glass jars and lids from various contaminants and it is better to resort to using soda. Then clean cans and lids should be sterilized. There are several ways to do this, more about this here. And the rest of the improvised inventory must be doused with boiling water.

- Often freshly squeezed lemon juice is added to this type of preservation. He gives the jam a little acidity, and also slightly thickens it.

- Some housewives add a little chopped blueberries to sugar syrup.