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Grandmother's pancakes in milk

Ingredients for Making Grandma's Pancakes in Milk

  1. Milk 700 milliliters
  2. Chicken eggs 3 pieces
  3. Sugar 1 tablespoon
  4. Salt 1 teaspoon
  5. Wheat flour 7 tablespoons with a hill
  6. Baking soda 0.5 teaspoon
  7. Vinegar 1 teaspoon
  8. Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons
  • Main ingredients: Milk, Flour
  • Serving 5 servings
  • World Cuisine


Saucepan, Sieve, Bowls - 3 pieces, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Hand whisk, Frying pan, Cooker, Kitchen mitts, Ladle, Flat large serving dish

Cooking grandmother's pancakes in milk:

Step 1: prepare the milk.

To make pancake dough, it is better to take homemade fatty milk. To do this, pour raw milk into a saucepan and put on medium heat. Let it boil, and when the milk rises in the pan, turn off the heat and set it aside so that it cools slightly. To prepare the dough, we will need warm milk. Attention: if you use pasteurized milk, it does not need to be boiled, but only need to be heated to a warm state. In this case, it is best to take milk 2.5% fat.

Step 2: prepare the flour.

To make pancakes tasty and tender, be sure to use premium wheat flour and fine grinding. Before use, the flour ingredient must be sifted through a sieve into a separate bowl so that it does not have lumps, and it is enriched with atmospheric oxygen. Thus, this will facilitate the kneading of the dough and greatly improve its quality.

Step 3: prepare the dough for pancakes.

We take a bowl with high edges and with the help of a table knife we ​​break chicken eggs over the container. Pour the yolk and protein into the dishes. Add sugar and salt with a tablespoon and slightly whip our ingredients with a fork or a hand whisk. Then add to the bowl with beaten eggs. half a liter of warm milk and continue to beat everything with the same manual equipment. Before we add soda to our ingredients, it must be extinguished. To do this, pour soda into a small container with a teaspoon and pour vinegar on top of it using the same dining equipment. Soda "boils" and rises. Attention: so that all the soda is quenched, we mix it with a teaspoon again with vinegar, which is in our container and only after that we pour the mixture into a bowl to our other ingredients. All components are mixed well again with a hand whisk. Now add the flour to the bowl with the resulting mixture. It is important to add this ingredient in small portions with a tablespoon and gradually mix everything very well with a whisk so that no lumps form in the dough and it becomes homogeneous. Then add vegetable oil and the remaining warm milk with a tablespoon. Once again, mix everything well. The consistency of the dough should be like thick sour cream.

Step 4: prepare grandmother’s pancakes in milk.

We put the pan on a large fire and heat it well without oil. When the container is hot, we fasten the fire to medium. We will cook our pancakes in a dry hot skillet, but it must be greased with oil only before preparing the first pancake. So, with the help of kitchen gloves, we take the pan in the left hand, and in the right - the ladle, in which our batter is located. Using a ladle, pour the pancake dough into the middle of the pan. Pour the dough in an even thin layer over the entire surface of the container, scrolling the pan from left to right. Fry the dish on one side. When the pancake becomes golden, holding it from the bottom with a kitchen spatula, quickly turn it over to the other side and fry it until golden brown. Attention: pancakes are cooked very quickly, so adjust the fire and make sure that our dish is not burnt. When the pancake is browned on both sides, with the help of improvised dining equipment, remove our finished dish from the pan and transfer it to a large wide dish. We lay the finished pancakes on top of each other with a slide and immediately cover with a clean towel. Important to remember, that the flour has the property to settle to the bottom of the bowl, so before we pour a new portion of the dough into the pan, it must be mixed using a ladle in a bowl. It is advisable to try the first pancake for taste and consistency and, if necessary, if the dough is slightly liquid, add a little more flour. If the dough is thick, add a little milk.

Step 5: serve grandmother’s pancakes in milk.

We serve pancakes on the table immediately after their preparation. You can serve them with sour cream, cream, with honey or jam, as you like. In the finished pancakes, you can also wrap any filling and folding them several times, put it in this form on a serving dish. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you want your pancakes to be with holes, then add a little boiling water at the very end of the dough.

- - So that the first pancake is not lumpy, chop the pan well and be sure to grease its entire surface with fresh lard or vegetable oil, then the first pancake will easily lag behind the hot surface of the container.

- - It is very tasty to serve pancakes with melted butter, pouring it into a bowl and dipping a flour dish into it.

- - For cooking pancakes, it is best to use a special pan with low sides. So it will be much easier to turn the pancakes on the other side and remove them from the pan.